Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Britt Fiola

actress britt fiola hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

Film Festivals are the prime avenue to be introduced to the pleasing faces of independent films and the luscious Britt Fiola will soon have our ardent attention. She stars in “Tis The Season”, a romantic comedy that’s set just before Christmas Eve and plays a woman whose boyfriend Ben has plans to propose to her. His noble intentions goes sideways however when he enlists the help of his friend Otis, ending up as being an accessory to breaking and entering. While there’s no trailer to be found, with Britt’s allure that’s a cross between Emily Blunt and Marion Cotillard, attendees at the on-going Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest will be more than enthused with catching her onscreen. Proof positive that enchanting women are a fixture on the offbeat expanses of Hollywood and not just mainstream Tinseltown.

It really doesn’t matter that the revelry of Christmas has passed as festive tales are evergreen, especially when it’s a love story “Tis the Season”. Everyone is drawn to the female perspective on infatuation, intimacy and the complexities of devotion to that dream guy or gal. Britt has been in a series of short films which includes “Initiation” centering on a school hazing involving freshman soccer teammates. She certainly brings on the humiliation as the mean girl Carly and we do love our bad girls on film just like the one Bella Thorne played in “The Duff”. There’s plentiful of fascinating traits behind such a hateful psyche that’s brought to life onscreen. But of course the lovely Britt is the total opposite of the character she essays. She’s an engaging actress whom we would want to see more of in the impending future.

actress britt fiola tis the season

Do visit the Britt Fiola Official Site for all the latest updates.

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