Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Sizzling Women Of Threshold

More and more we’re seeing the emergence of an ensemble of stirring women in a film of note and that significance is to be revered. In the suspenseful film “Threshold”, we are going to be entranced in various degrees by 4 actresses who are the epitome of vivacity on the indie scene. “Threshold” is nominated for the Best Feature Film Audience Award which would warrant much avidity in indie circles. Here’s a tribute to the film’s female cast that includes Leslie Stevens, Alexandra Boylan and Amanda Serra.

Leslie Stevens

actress leslie stevens threshold

Leslie recently wowed audiences at the Idyllwild Film Festival 2017 in the short film “From Here” in her role as a mother trying to reconcile with her daughter after a family tragedy. Angelenos will likewise be clamoring to watch her absorbingly, eerie performance as the mysterious entity known as The Woman in “Threshold” at this year’s Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest. This enigmatic redhead is rapidly establishing herself as a most eye-catching talent of independent cinema.

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Alexandra Boylan

actress alexandra boylan threshold

It’s no secret that our adoration for the women of indie films is immense especially with the myriad of talents that actress/writer/producer Alexandra Boylan brings to the table. A lovably familiar face in the horror genre having impressed us in “Home Sweet Home” and “Rabid Love”, she plays Corinne in “Threshold”. Her recent dazzling run in dramas such as “Catching Faith” and “Wish For Christmas” does illustrate Alexandra’s mesmeric allure cuts across multiple genres and we can’t wait for more.

Amanda Serra

actress amanda serra threshold

We love the vivacious ladies of the screen and the multi-faceted Amanda Serra is blessed with a radiant individuality. She’s been an elegant presence on TV in show such as “The Outsiders” and “Criminal Minds” as well as film, most recently on “Love Addict”. Amanda appears as Adrienne in “Threshold”. Do remember to look out for Amanda in the fractured fairytale series “Banish’d”, a scripted comedy with improv elements where she appears in the role of the witch, Hexe.

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