Oxford Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kathryn Aboya

actress kathryn aboya

We frequently shower Canada’s bright young talents with affection and that accolade should be lavished upon the very promising indie darling Kathryn Aboya. She stars in “Petrol”, an action/drama web series that delves in to the lives of five reckless drivers who all work for a mysterious Employer. Kathryn plays Samira who immigrated from Afghanistan to settle in Canada with her family. Things turn sour when her husband Ali puts her and her child in jeopardy after accepting a dangerous driving mission. Never has immigration been in the spotlight of divisive rhetoric as it has been in 2017 and it’s apt that “Petrol” shed more light on immigrants who have their own their own life experiences that encompass many travails.

While she may play a woman of Afghan heritage, Kathryn is actually of Indian/Italian/German descent. Her hotpot of nationalities gives her a distinctive edge to sink her teeth into the personas of compellingly diverse women. Just like Prince Harry’s main squeeze Meghan Markle of “Suits fame”, being bi-racial or tri-racial as in Kathryn’s case is worthy of admiration.

I’ve also discovered a fun piece of info about her after finding out from Kathryn that she used to live in Singapore which is my hometown. She’s even reminisced about how she misses the hawker stands greatly. Would love to have her back in Singapore one day!

actress kathryn aboya petrol

Last year, she appeared in the terrifying horror film “Return” which screened at the Blood In The Snow Festival. Kathryn has another horror feature in the works called “Nyctophilia” that sees her as a woman who constantly fights an evil that could really just be in her head. 2017 will also see her in a supporting role in the comedy “Downsizing” along a star-studded cast of Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Neil Patrick Harris, Christoph Waltz and Alec Baldwin.

Do visit the Kathryn Aboya Official Site for all the latest updates.

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