Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Mabel Maultsby

actress mabel maultsby hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

Entertainingly offbeat short films have a way of introducing watchable indie talents and Mabel Maultsby will soon endear herself to many. She stars as Haley in “Tara The Crusader” alongside Alicen Abler who plays the titular Tara, a barista who’s just about had enough of rude customers. While Tara is on a mission to dish out comeuppance to the boorish, Mabel’s Haley is more grounded in her views, accepting that derisive customers have always existed. This is a fresh, comical take into the stresses customer service workers often face and if you’ve ever been behind the counter servicing the public, the travails would unpleasantly resonate. It makes you want to cringe but it takes the good, the bad and the ugly to make up our planet.

Sometimes we need tp admit that there are degree of truths in the real world, that disparaging people do exist and Mabel wonderfully crafts the candor of a barista who is aware of the disrespect but chooses to bear with it. Mabel’s other short film “Sposini” premiered at Dances With Films and likewise “Tara The Crusader” should see her gaining a receptive audience. The engaging women of independent cinema such as Mabel continue to tell stories we’re most familiar with and find very admirable.

actress mabel maultsby tara the crusader

Mabel’s other endeavors include modeling and she also happens to be an artist with an impressive portfolio. This fetching lady is indeed steadily painting enchanting portraits on screen.

Do visit the Mabel Maultsby Official Site for all the latest updates.

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