Oxford Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kelly Murtagh

actress kelly murtagh oxford film festival 2017

The sheer number of indie actresses on enchanting run at film festivals is gathering pace and the inviting Kelly Murtagh enhances our ardor. She stars in the drama “Don’t Come Around Here” which premieres on Feb 17 at the Oxford Film Fest.

Here’s the gracious Kelly revealing more about her role in “Don’t Come Around Here” as well as her moving upcoming project:

I play Audrey an enticing character who hides her immense pain and sense of failure by manipulating & seducing her secret flame (who just so happens to be her husband’s little brother). I also am the lead in an independent film “Love & She” due to come out this year where I play Renee, a mother dealing with postpartum depression because of a stillbirth. The loss of their child creates a deep vast between Renee’s relationship with her husband Matt. It is a character drama that shows the raw, rather un-examined topic of postpartum depression. I loved playing both characters because of the realness and ugliness to their issues and going deep into the raw chasm of emotion.

In “Don’t Come Around Here”, she’s much more than just a seductive figure with Kelly establishing her Audrey as a disillusioned soul. She’s steadily gaining the standing of a talent adept at tackling the intricacies we often know about women as complex creatures.

actress kelly murtagh don't come around here

There’s a reason why Louisiana is one of the states in the US that I dream of visiting and that’s because the actresses who have roots there are thoroughly cordial. Currently residing in New Orleans, Kelly’s gentility is lovably palpable. The beguiling Kelly could soon be a favorite of many an indie devotee.

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