Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Caroline Lindy

actress caroline lindy hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

We do adore the women whose enchanting omnipresence is on multiple platforms and the exquisite Caroline Lindy is heating up the festival circuit. She’s the director, writer and star of the relationship comedy short “Moon Party” where she frolics at a Naked Party as the lovelorn leading lady Maggie. Things take an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon her ex with his newly minted girlfriend. Just when you thought things would get nasty between the two women, Caroline teases us visually and cerebrally. It must be painful to recover from a breakup as her character Maggie experiences but one has to move on and she eventually does.

Her magnetic attractiveness is a cross between Sarah Silverman and Nikki Reed. On screen, Caroline’s inviting features which is endowed with an air of poise and her penchant for creating original content should install her as a cherished talent. TV audiences would have seen her guest-starring on “Criminal Minds” and “Law And Order: SVU”. She also has been on the web series “Threesome” which was earmarked for praise by Digg.com. In the first episode (above), Caroline even gets to make out with pornstar Bree Olsen in quite the erotic lip lock! As she captivates us as both a performer and film-maker, we’re already in wonderment of her energy as a storyteller.

actress caroline lindy moon party

Do visit the Caroline Lindy Official Site for all the latest updates

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