Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Sizzling Women Of Quarries

Films Festivals have always been the platform for indie film’s brightest talents and the delectable duo of Nicole Marie Johnson and Carrie Finklea enthrall throughout “Quarries”. After its buzz-worthy world premiere at ScreamFest 2016, this edge of your seat thrill-ride continues it’s compelling run on the festival circuit thanks to the exceptional female cast. Physicality and depth of emotions are in full display as they take on their challenging roles as women who are driven to outlast their most harsh predicament. Facing a pack of hunters out for blood, each woman is replete with a backstory beset by personal demons, adding another dimension to the gripping survival horror of “Quarries”.

Nicole Marie Johnson

actress nicole marie johnson quarries

Nicole stars as Kat who goes on the hiking expedition to escape her own horrors of abuse in a harsh world deftly crafted by Nicole and co/writer director Nils Taylor. In her role as Kat, she encompassed all the natural instincts as a survivalist with strength, weakness, kindness, cruelty, the yin and yang of our very being coming to the fore. Her formidable portrayal of such a complex soul is surely elevating eminence as an indie enchantress.

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Carrie Finklea

actress carrie finklea quarries

In a performance that’s filled with grit, Carrie shines as Wren, a woman who suffers from an addiction problem and things go downhill for her on the ill-fated hiking trip. Watch this stunning actress shine as her character battles struggles both internal and external. With “Quarries” heading to multiple film fests including next week’s 6th Annual Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival, we’ll be enamored with the enticing Carrie for months to come.

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