Oxford Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Jessy Hughes

actress jessy hughes oxford film festival 2017

The busy film festival period is such a boon especially when there’s ample opportunity to feature the starlets of the indie world such as the charming Jessy Hughes. She appears in the tense horror film “The Atoning” which stars Virginia Newcomb as a mum trying to protect her young son from deadly apparitions. Seeing how it’s one of the 5 Most Anticipated Films at this year’s Oxford Film Fest, interest will be on a high as will be the enthusiasm for the cutie pie that is Miss Jessy Hughes.

Her Twitter bio states ‘Full grown adult masquerading as a teenager’ and that should come as no surprise as Jessy is endowed with gracefully youthful features. Jessy’s pleasantness is overflowing as she’s been a vision of kindness ever since I’ve been in contact with her.

Here’s Jessy regaling more about her projects past, present and future including the feature “The Sound And The Fury” which was directed by James Franco:

I’m waiting on the release of two different films – a thriller called “The Hollow” directed by Miles Doleac where I play a congressman’s daughter who gets murdered in a small town in Mississippi. That launches an investigation where we get to discover all these crazy characters in and around the town. The other film I’m waiting for the release of a short called “Complacency” directed by Vincent Kirkland. It was a very emotional project for me. I play a girl who goes through some very rough times and is just trying to cope. I shot both of those basically back to back.

Well, The Sound and The Fury is actually the first speaking role that I got a paycheck for, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I played Natalie who is a neighbor in the book, I believe. She takes a liking to Quentin and I think she enjoys that she knows more about kissing than he does. As far as upcoming projects go, I’m working on a short film with an amazingly talented local filmmaker named Frank Ladner. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world and it really focused on the relationship between me and my partner. It’s got some quirky humor in it, which I really feel like is Frank’s signature. Other than that, I totally had a small role on Scream Queens.

actress jessy hughes the atoning

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