Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Kelly Walker in “Nothing Personal”

actress kelly walker nothing personal

– From comedy to drama and everything in between, Kelly Walker a radiant delight on screen. This Australian sweetheart was eye-catching on the TV series “Last Man Standing” and is a perennial indie film dazzler.
– She’s just as fetching as a love interest and in her short film “Nothing Personal”, she stars as a woman who chances upon her former flame and realize that their romantic bond never truly went away.
– SXSW which runs from March 10-19 is another acclaimed festival to spot the bewitching Kelly Walker who is appearing in the revenge trailer “M.F.A”. Her most personable nature will be very appealing to festival-goers.

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Serena Lorien in “The Short Short”

actress selena lorien the short short

– Effortlessly elegant Serena Lorien has essayed some of the most captivating performances on independent cinema and it’s no wonder her features have graced numerous film festivals including Comic Con.
– In the kooky “The Short Short” which is a parody of Christian Bale’s “The Big Short”, she stars as the brassy Chau, a dynamic Hollywood agent who is known in the industry as having “the biggest balls”.
– Lauded for her unsettling portrayal as the murderous former cult member Patricia Krenwinkel in the gripping indie film “House of Manson”, her upcoming feature “Brides Of Satan” should see her being a scene-stealer.

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Cleo Handler in “Moon Party”

actress cleo handler moon party

– The divine Cleo has a dazzling emergence on television with her recurring role on “Public Morals”. She played Deirdre (Lyndon Smith)’s roommate and best friend who happens to be a cute, intelligent college grad.
– She can be seen in “Moon Party”, which has her starring opposite Caroline Lindy (playing Maggie and whom I featured recently) as Riley, the new lover of Maggie’s ex who together have an awkward encounter at a Naked Party.
– Cleo belong to the distinguished group of women who remarkably wears many hats as an actress, writer, producer and singer. Her endearing run on a series of short films will see us falling for her in a big way.

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