Lola Blanc

actress lola blanc actress spotlight

We fall at the feet of gorgeous, eclectic women and in the months ahead the alluring Lola Blanc is enchanting us on the music scene. She appears in the freshly released music video of the Lana Del Ray single “Love” where she is as ethereal as the dreamy melodies of flower-power tinged ditty. The sultrily sweet Lola does exude an attractiveness that would fit in any era and this actress/model/singer-songwriter is endowed with an abundance of the ‘Oohlalola’ X-Factor (as her Instagram personifies). On television, you may have seen her on shows such as “Life In Pieces” and “American Horror Story”. Add her amiable personality to the mix and you have a coveted talent with the irrepressible boudoir beauty that’s potently inviting.

Look out for Lola in her supporting role as a bride in the upcoming noir crime thriller “Under The Silver Lake” which has a star-studded cast of Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, Summer Bishil, Topher Grace and Zosia Mamet. It should hit the festival circuit which means more opportunities to fawn over the sensation that is Miss Lola Blanc. Her spellbinding sensuality is evident and she’s intriguing us with something we like to call the magic which also happens to be a song in her repertoire. Her single “The Magic” is a Halloween-themed rousing theatrical pop that listeners will be addicted to. Her mystical charms are a magnet for lifelong adulation!

actress lola blanc lana del ray love music video

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