Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Whitney Nielsen

actress whitney nielsen hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

Our affinity for the burgeoning talents of independent films is on a high and the adorable Whitney Nielsen will most certainly spur our affection. She stars in “Mercy Christmas” which is about Michael Briskett , a happy-go-lucky guy who discovers that he is going to be the Christmas meal for a cannibalistic family after being reeled in by his sexy co-worker. Whitney plays Katharine who joins forces with Michael (Steven Hubbell) as they fight to stay away from being on the festive menu! Films about cannibals is seeing a resurgence in popularity with “Mercy Christmas” being released in the same year as “The Bad Batch” which stars Jason Momoa and the French ravenous human meat consumption terror tale “Raw”. Will Whitney’s Katharine be a Final Girl in this bizarre yet entertaining portrait of a cannibal family that’s looks just like one of us?

It’s not the first we’ve seen Whitney tangle with psychopaths on screen as she also starred in “Axeman 2: Overkill”. She actually takes on the role of Liz who from the first film was in a relationship with her lover Tammy but seemingly succumbed to the injuries inflicted by the axe-wielding mountain man. Whitney is just as riveting in the skin of the feisty Liz which was originally played by Erin Marie Hogan. She’s dauntless in protecting her lover Tammy (Kailena Mai) from harm.

actress whitney nielsen mercy christmas

In 2016, Whitney appeared on the series “My Crazy Ex” as a bride who is leaves her fiancee at the altar and hitches a ride with a deliveryman. Seeing how alluring Whitney is in her role as Bethany, of course the deliveryman would have fallen for her but little did he know he got more than he bargained for. She’s actually not a runaway bride but a runaway criminal and pulls a fast one on him. As the cunning Bethany, Whitney’s mesmerizing flair is on full display as the duplicitous con-woman. Would love to watch her dazzle on a major network TV show and soon. This cherubic cutie is headed for a nascent fandom.

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