TV Vixens To Crave: 21 February 2017

Katy Breier in “FANatic”

actress katy breier fanatic

– Sociopaths on screen have always been a most persuasively, enthralling watch and in a most riveting performance by Canadian actress Katy Breier, she’s quite the scary figure of the stalker TV Movie “FANatic”.
– She stars as Nikki, the assistant to actress Tess Daniels (Betsy Brandt), star of a popular sci-fi TV show, whose life she threatens. Katy is credibly terrifying as Nikki when she snaps as her obsession turns into psychosis.
– Katy also had a recurring role on the popular series “The Murdoch Mysteries” as the effervescent burlesque dancer Lydia Hall. Just like in real life, she’s a darling as Lydia as she has always been on TV.

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Sharon Taylor in “Bellevue”

actress sharon taylor bellevue

– The very personable and sexy Sharon Taylor is a Canadian Goddess with an enchanting verve that’s graced television, ensuring that starting this week it’s time to form an obsession for Canada’s finest entertainers.
– She’s in the limelight with her starring role alongside Anna Paquin in the new series “Bellevue” as Detective Virginia Panamick who teams up with Anna’s Annie Ryder to solve the disappearance of a transgender teen.
– While Anna is the brassy detective with a flawed personality, Sharon’s Virginia is the more grounded law enforcer which makes for fertile dynamics in their relationship. Can’t wait for the fireworks to start!

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Karen Boles in “Your Worst Nightmare”

actress karen boles your worst nightmare

– After guest starring on the 4th Season of “Sleepy Hollow” as Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln, the magnetic Karen Boles delves into terror of another kind on TV this week.
– She adeptly takes on a gamut of emotions in the tense Investigation Discovery Series “Your Worst Nightmare” as Sandi Musk who amidst a divorce has a tryst with a man who becomes the proverbial date from hell!
– Luminously engaging on film and television, she had a recurring role on the medical drama “Complications”. Don’t miss Karen in the film “In Search Of Liberty” which has the U.S. Constitution as the basis of its plot.

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Erinn Ruth and Bettina Bilger in “Billions”

actress erinn ruth billions
actress bettina bilger billions

– Hit show “Billions” has been enriched by some of the most fetching women on the planet and in the Season 2 premiere, both Erinn Ruth and Bettina Bilger have guest-star roles opposite Malin Akerman.
– Erinn plays the tomboyish Mo, a friend of Malin’s Lara Axelrod who makes her an interesting offer regarding a hedge fund option but is rebuffed. Seeing how Mo and Lara are buds, we’ll likely see more of the inviting Erinn.
– Erinn has also been eye-catching in 2 high profile shows which includes “Blindspot” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, the former as Agent Rose and the latter as Maria Carla, the owner of a stable of gorgeous models.
– In her role as Kelly, Bettina’s character certainly starts on the wrong foot with Malin’s Lara who admonishes her methods as a licensed nurse in caring for her kids. She instead enlists the help of Mo (Erinn).
– Bettina is notable for her comedic work as the star of the short film “In The Dark” and appeared in the Kristin Stewart glamorous drama “Café Society”. Soon she’ll be delighting us on Netflix’s comedy “Friends from College”.

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