Maya Boudreau

actress maya boudreau chicago fire

Television is truly a hot commodity and once again we’re drawn to the most luscious women such as the delightful Maya Boudreau. She guest-stars on “Chicago Fire” as Missy Chapman, a candidate of one of Chicago’s fire houses who is unfairly targeted by Captain Tipton (Frank Pando). Despite her early struggles, she will eventually prove to him that she has some fire in the belly and natural instincts to cut the mustard as a firefighter. As Missy, Maya has such an adorable appeal that fans of “Chicago Fire” will most certainly root for her against the tyrant that is Cap Tipton. As they say, LOVE will always trump hate and she’s the unlikely heroine in this week’s gripping episode “Purgatory”.

She does have Girl Power in her corner in the form of Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd and Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett. Let’s hope that Maya gets to explore her story arc in richer details!

actress maya boudreau spotlight

Having impressed us on the festival circuit in several indie films, it’s admirable to see her garnering a growing devotion with her television appearance. Maya has been the beguiling lady of evocative dramas such as “Wild Blue”, “Sticks” and entranced many with her memorably moving performance in the coming of age film “Jessica”. Maya has received plaudits for being effortlessly authentic, her expressive displays on screen so impressively eloquent in their delivery. In due time, this blossoming beauty is on course to be fondly coveted!

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