The Enchanting Women Of Bones – 22 February 2017

In the 12th Season of the popular TV series “Bones” which is its Farewell Season, we are still in awe of the compelling actresses who have graced the show with their luminosity. This week’s episode ‘The Grief And The Girl’ is no exception with Lindsey Haun, Miranda Frigon and Dale Raoul who are TV personalities in their own right in captivating guest-starring roles. The plot centers on Brennan, Booth and their team as they pursue a killer of a grieving woman, Sarah Abbott who was found murdered in Newfoundland, Canada. It’s both a thrilling episode and an emotional one with Emily Deschanel’s Brennan saying her last goodbyes to her dad at his funeral.

Lindsey Haun

actress lindsey haun bones

In one of the most poignant roles to date, Lindsey plays Tess Abott, the pregnant sister of the murder victim Sarah who is reeling from her sudden loss on “Bones”. Lindsey Haun is certainly one of my screen heroines whose ebullience and allure has set aglow both film and television. She’s shown her incandescent verve as well as dramatic depth on indie films such as “House of Last Things” and as Anna Paquin’s crush Hadley Hale on “True Blood”. Her genial charms makes her exceptionally bewitching and she’s already an idol for global audiences.

Miranda Frigon

actress miranda frigon bones

One of Canada’s most adored faces on TV, the always fetching Miranda plays Gilda Sandling, the police office assigned to the murder case and meet up with David Boreanaz’s Booth in Newfoundland. She’s a whiz with the Newfoundland accent which has a tinge of the Irish and she’s quite the lively figure as Gilda, the by-the-books law-women as Booth finds out. Miranda’s also illuminated numerous features on the Hallmark Channel including “Hearts of Spring” and the entertaining Aurora Teagarden Mystery series and was eye-catching on “Heartland”.

Dale Raoul

actress emily jackson incarnate

The versatile Dale Raoul once more brightens the small screen this time on Bones as Gretchen Crockett, a resident at Newfoundland who is questioned by Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd). Asked about the venison jerky she sells which was found at the crime scene, she provides some useful information for his investigation. Acclaimed for her noteworthy performances as Maxine Fortenberry on “True Blood”, she’s remarkable at imbuing her characters with a distinctive take that speaks of sincerity yet hued in interesting shades.

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