Winter Film Awards Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Molly Ratermann

actress molly ratermann winter film awards indie film festival

Her mesmerizing facets are poised to enchant many an indie fan and Molly Ratermann is a name that will be on our lips in the months ahead. She is the director, writer and star of “Suicide”, a take on self-killing that has a relatably, funny point of view. Molly’s writing is wittily entertaining as she discards the unpleasantness of suicide and crafts a sunnier look on her character’s Carson plans to off herself. Her performance is sweetly intriguing as the quirky Carson who ropes in her best Franny to do the deed in the desert, all the while being summery as opposed to being sullen if one were planning a suicide. Along the way she’s racked up 2 Best Actress awards for her lovable portrayal in “Suicide” and with her appearing in several upcoming indie features, Molly is on the cusp of further acclamation.

Here’s Molly talking about her upcoming features:

I have done lots of Indies, a few that are going into limited theatrical releases. Along with all that I am still shooting a lot more indies (4 this past January) and have a few going into the festival circuit.

The Winter Film Awards has already ran a feature about her here so expect a deluge of buzz heading her way.

actress molly ratermann suicide

Her radiance is reminiscent of Amy Adams with Molly’s porcelain skin and amiable magnetism likely to garner her much ardor. As a model she’s picture perfect and with her burgeoning rise as a film-maker, Molly is surely swoon-worthy on many levels. We can’t wait to be fascinated even more by this indie film go-to good girl.

Do visit the Molly Ratermann Official Site for all the latest updates

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