Sarah Booth

actress sarah booth law and order svu

Rising sensation Sarah Booth is amassing tons of buzz on Twitter and numerous media channels for one of the most riveting and moving performances ever seen on “Law And Order: SVU”. In this week’s episode, she is phenomenal as Captain Beth Williams, an army ranger who agonizes over her image as a strong feminine figure after a brutal sexual assault. Mariska Hargitay is already singing her praises, affirming Sarah was a pleasure to share scenes with as well as lauding her for epitomizing strength, power and courage on screen. She excelled alongside Mariska throughout as she likewise did in the aftermath of her character’s rape, elucidating the trauma and struggle of making sense of an unsettled psyche.

actress sarah booth law and order svu

Many will be talking about her sterling performance for quite some time and Sarah should be held in high regard as an inspirational actress. She previously had a supporting role on “American Horror Story” and played Sister Olivia on the sci-fi series “Helix”. Sarah is also notable for starring in “The Scarehouse”, an indie horror film that sees her as the scary Corey Peters, a former jailbird seeking vengeance on her ex-sorority sisters. From indie films to theater and now television, she’s demonstrated her ability to delve into the chasm of darkness women face in life and it won’t be long before the accomplished Sarah headlines a TV series or two. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon may have descended upon TV Land but we do want to see the Sarah Booths of this world gain avid recognition too!

actress sarah booth law and order svu

As an avid fan of the most stirring independent film talents, it’s a wonderful thing to watch Sarah’s burgeoning renown on mainstream media. Her profound dedication as a performer would surely have been one of the pillars of her successes. Furthermore, Sarah’s personable qualities are a magnet for audiences and her growing fan base. When one speaks of the moments a Star Is Born, Sarah would indeed fit the bill in heavenly fashion.

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