Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Maritza Brikisak

actress maritza brikisak hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

We delightfully cherish our indie darlings such as the always engaging Maritza Brikisak who has features screening at 2 on-going film festivals. She is an award-winning actress having garnered the Best Actress accolade at the Beaufort Film Festival for her memorable performance in “A Prayer for the Lonely”. She shone as Laura, a woman at the crossroads of her faith and it’s fitting that she was feted with her much deserved Best Actress nod. At the Sedona Film Festival, she can be seen in the romantic comedy “Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine”. She also appears alongside Denise Richards in “A Life Lived” which interestingly delves into the life of a single dollar and its impact it has on many lives. Maritza has also enchanted us in the indie horror scene and will do so once more in “A Lurking Man” as an abusive alcoholic mother dicing with Death himself!

Here’s Maritza revealing more about her projects “The Lurking Man” and “A Life Lived”:

I am the Exec producer, co writer, editor, graphic designer and lead actress!!! LOVE my film, we are getting awards already. It’s a Drama with Supernatural horror elements… no physical gore, language nor nudity. In “A Life Lived”, I play Denise Richard’s Housekeeper.

Thanks to Maritza, I had a chance to preview “The Lurking Man” and I have to say, it should be a stirring watch on the festival circuit. Her character Cailean is given an offer to take over as The Grim Reaper for a shot at redemption but will she take up his deathly offer? Maritza’s expansive dramatic work as an achingly flawed mother is due for commendation and she might be in line for even more awards.

actress maritza brikisak a life lived

The multi-talented Maritza more than exemplifies the spirit and dedication needed to be a shining star. Look out for more of her polished endeavors on the indie scene.

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