The Sizzling Women To Crave @ Sedona Film Festival 2017

Lauren Myers in “The Merry Maids of Madness”

actress lauren myers the merry maids of madness

– A perennial enchanter on this blog, the very charming Lauren Myers is a sweetheart of both the big and small screen. Her captivating grace has also been a big draw at numerous film festivals for a great number of years.
– In the kooky comedy “The Merry Maids of Madness”, she’s effortlessly formidable as the bossy Nurse Marlowe of the Stratford Home for Rest and Rehabilitation, once again showcasing her infinite talents on screen.
– This honey of the TV series “Manhattan” and recently “The Graves” has also garnered immense praise from Peter Chelsom, the director of “The Space Between Us” which of course was enlivened by her radiance.

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Rachel Noll – Writer/Producer of “The Storyteller”

actress rachel noll the storyteller

– Having won the Silver Prize at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards for her screenwriting endeavors with co-writer Joe Crump for “The Storyteller”, there’s going to be a wave of adoring eyes on her rising profile.
– Already enthralling in her own right as an indie darling, she beautifully pens the characters in “The Storyteller” which chronicles the story of how the love of a young, charmed girl heals a family.
– With her intriguing work centered on character-driven pieces such as the quirky romantic comedy “Daisy Delivered”, Rachel Noll is primed to be a mesmeric figure both behind and in front of the camera.

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Farah White in “Aaron’s Blood”

actress farah white aaron's blood

– The alluring Farah White is also a regularly lauded on this blog and it’s always a pleasure to feature her as she’s a genuinely fetching indie talent not just as an actress but also as an accomplished director and producer.
– In “Aaron’s Blood”, she plays Karen, the concerned aunt of hemophilia stricken Tate (Trevor Stovall) who after fighting for his life in the hospital is slowly exhibiting signs of vampirism due to an infected transfusion.
– Her delectable prominence across multiple genres most notably indie horror is worthy of endless admiration and after tackling zombies in “Daylight’s End” will be tangling with werewolves in the upcoming “Howlers”.

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Megan Lee Joy – Producer of “Injection”

actress megan lee joy injection

– We fall at the feet of creative talents such as the beguiling Megan Lee Joy whose impressive essence as a film-maker, producer and actress is surely an inspiration as well as cause for esteemed veneration.
– She’s best known for crafting the colorful indie horror comedy “Shevenge” which won her a Best Actress Award at the River Bend Film Festival. This blonde beauty has most certainly entrance us on both sides of the camera.
– As one of the producers of the short film “Injection”, she’s part of the innovative team behind this refreshing narrative on cancer, the terrible global affliction which can be just as destructive to families of sufferers.

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Tara Samuel in “Wild Prairie Rose”

actress tar samuel wild prarie rose

– Riveting performances in “The Rwanda Blend”, “Tiger Orange”, “Ruby Booby” and “Wild Prairie Rose” should already see Tara Samuel being anointed as a much loved indie screen siren with a persuasive flair on film.
– She wonderfully transforms into a heady range of feminine figures from a dowdy Texan lady in “Ruby Bobby” to the more glamorous intricacies of Rose Miller during the 1950s in the must watch “Wild Prairie Rose”.
– One of Canada’s most laudable faces, her upcoming short film “The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island” a docu-parody about a family living in isolation on an island in Northern Canada should ample generate.

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