Winter Film Awards Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Christy Escobar

actress christy escobar winter film awards indie film festival

Her enigmatic features are bound to be a persuasive attraction and Christy Escobar is assured of fondness this week. She stars in “Viral Beauty” about one woman’s rise from obscurity to instant celebrity status after famed blogger Perez Hilton shares her dating ad with his followers. Christy plays Tiffany, the stylist who is part of the image team transforming Casey Killoran’s Marsha Day into the titular Viral Beauty. Threading real life issues from cyber bulling to the price of fame, this film forces us to take a deeper look into the pervasiveness of online fame. Lauded constantly for her outstanding theater work, she’s set to replicate her delectable vivacity on the big and small screens. She’s notable for taking on the role of the legendary Katharine Hepburn in her original solo show Hello, Red! and of Daisy in Virginia Stage Company’s The Great Gatsby.

Dramatic fare is steadily becoming her forte having starred as the sharp FBI agent Maia Kensington in the psychological mindbender “Anamolous” which was filmed in New York City and Barcelona. She certainly projects an air of mystique which is palpably fascinating in its execution. Christy’s beauty is a cross between the cinematic genteel ala Lana Del Ray and the intense allure of Mireille Enos. It would be very intriguing to see her essaying women of the 50s or 60s. She is slated to have a supporting role in the touching indie film “Life Now, Life Then” that’s set during the summer of 1994. We can affirm that she will be thoroughly captivating in the fast-changing world of the 1990s.

actress christy escobar viral beauty

Just last year, Christy landed a co-star role on the hit series “Blindspot” where she was in some gripping scenes. With TV reaping massive heights of popularity, she would be a be a most luscious addition. Christy’s beloved status could soon be sealed in this new year.

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