Winter Film Awards Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Ingrid Vollset

actress ingrid vollset winter film awards indie film festival

We exalt the women of independent cinema passionately and the kissable Ingrid Vollset could well be a screen darling for years to come. She stars in “Heavy Objects” as the divine Krista McGuy who is part of the privileged American family until a volatile event shatters their entitled existence. As if the tension couldn’t get any higher, she also soon reveals a dark incident from her childhood which changes the family dynamics! With her Norwegian heritage, her flawless complexion and fetching eyes ensures a visual captivation for viewers. There’s one other actress who has Norwegian roots that makes her so desirable and that would be Natalie Dormer (Game Of Thrones fame). I’m sure Ingrid’s comeliness will have a similarly hypnotic effect on audiences.

That devotion is only going to grow as she’s starring in the upcoming comedy “You Can’t Say No” which has in its cast the legendary Peter Fonda (Easy Rider). She plays Allison, a free spirit who is on a journey of self-discovery and advances the film’s premise of following your dreams while finding a connection with other people along the way. Many will fall in love with her portrayal of the vulnerable yet positive Allison, a woman who doesn’t let the ills of the world get her down. Ingrid is fast becoming an indie screen sweetheart having also excelled in “Throuple” as Lexi, one-half of a couple chancing upon a polyamorous trio amidst romance and murder. Set in Hawaii, “Throuple” has won multiple awards and would have elevated Ingrid into the spotlight.

actress ingrid vollset heavy objects

With a dramedy web series as well as a film she wrote and produced to be released soon, we’ll be enthralled by Ingrid’s pleasing brio for some time to come.

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