Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 25th February 2017

Christie Lynn Smith in “Grey’s Anatomy”

actress christie lynn smith grey's anatomy

– In what has been described as a deeply moving episodes on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Christie Lynn Smith is exceptional in her guest-star role as Cynthia Daniels, a nurturing mum and prospective kidney donor for her ill son.
– Christie is an astute storyteller as the protective mother figure who runs into complications that not only relates to her medical condition but also extends to troubles with her abusive husband.
– We also revere her as a sweetheart of the indie scene and with her short film “Rated” that’s about trying to find acceptance in a judgemental society premiering at the Sedona Film Festival, she’s a joy on multiple fronts.

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Samantha Stewart in “VooDoo”

actress samantha stewart voodoo

– With her southern charms being one of her many enticing features, Samantha Stewart is likely to be celebrated as one of the sexiest actresses to have made her presence felt in independent films.
– Do catch Samantha in the horror film “VooDoo” as Dani, a small town girl who incurs the wrath of a revenge-seeking woman named Serafine L’Amour (Constance Strickland) and starts to make Dani’s life a hellish one!
– From horror to comedy, she’s consistently made a strikingly delightful impression and she’s even lit up the soap opera world with her current role as Nurse Smith on “Days Of Our Lives”.

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Lauren O’ Quinn in “Nashville”

actress lauren o quinn nashville

– Do check out the talented Lauren O’ Quinn who appears in the latest episode of “Nashville” as the ER doctor who first attended to Connie Britton’s Reyna after her horrific car crash which of course led to her shocking death.
– Lauren is an award-winning director/producer with an accolade laden comedic web series called “The Sex Trade” under her belt and she’s also appeared in several features that have impressed us at various film festivals.
– Let’s hope her stint on “Nashville” is a sign that a wealth of roles could be heading her way. We can’t enough of the inviting faces on television and Lauren does have the lovable poise to forge the sentiment of affection.

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Rebecca Fraiser in “Drifter”

actress rebecca fraiser drifter

– Films about cannibalism are all the rage right now and as the bloodthirsty man-eater Sasha in “Drifter”, Rebecca Fraiser is both menacing and seductive in the horror film that’s been fondly likened to Mad Max.
– Premiering at theaters everywhere this week, “Drifter” will have you hooked from start to end with her villainous role a naughty and entertaining element of the story. Will there be Sasha dolls made available I wonder?
– While she should definitely be ranked as a Goddess of indie films, her dauntless approach towards the darker roles such as in the short film “Lady Lazarus” and her upcoming horror feature “Tophet” is exemplary.

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Megan Peta Hill in “Cage Dive”

actress megan peta hill cage dive

– With the UK Premiere of “Cage Dive” at FrightFest Glasgow this week, audiences will get to see if Megan’s character can stave off a Great White Shark attack ala Blake Lively of “The Shallows” fame.
– As Megan, she’ll enthrall us as the woman who travels to Australia with friends for Shark Cage Diving only to find themselves in perilous waters. “Cage Dive” has all the ingredients to be one of the scariest found-footage films!
– Her fetching verve has already graced several hit shows including “Supernatural”, “The Magicians” and her notably eye-catching guest-role on “The X-Files” Revival series. It’s time to be enthused over this Aussie-born ingenue!

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Amanda Fuller in “Fashionista”

actress amanda fuller fashionista

– The adorable Amanda Fuller will be in attendance at FrightFest Glasgow for the premiere of her riveting “Fashionista”. Horror fans will undoubtedly be swooning over Amanda, a most vividly compelling indie actress.
– You may have been entranced by her work in “Red, White And Blue”, “Cheap Thrills” and “Starry Eyes”. In “Fashionista”, she’s a must watch as April whose obsession with clothes descends into a most sinister travail.
– Amanda is of course a TV star having been a luminous face of the comedy hit “Last Man Standing” with Season 6 on-going. Her sweetness on the show offers a wonderful contrast to the distinctions of her on-screens sisters.

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