Indie Darlings To Adore @ Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017 – Part 1

Kari Lee Cartwright – Director of “Alice

actress director kari lee cartwright alice

– While the Oscars still has a long away in embracing diversity, the indie film movement is merited in recognizing genuine talents regardless of creed such as the ebullient director/actress Kari Lee Cartwright.
– Kudos to the amazing Kari for putting an Asian-American story at the forefront with her short film “Alice” about the legitimate struggles of a quirky Korean American dancer in chasing her dreams.
– With “Alice” premiering at Cinequest and a host of festivals such as the Gasparilla Film Festival, her finesse as a storyteller will be shining bright! Isn’t it time to get Kari to direct an episode of “Fresh Off The Boat!

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Grace Rex in “What Children Do”

actress grace rex what children do

– We can’t get enough of the vivacious women such as the lovely Grace Rex who is having a beguiling run on both television and film, most notably on the indie space. Her expressiveness on camera makes her so delectable.
– She will make you laugh, cry and be captivated as the placid Shannon as a librarian in a small town who tries to reconcile with her estranged sister Amy after their grandma’s death in “What Children Do”.
– She also has the fantasty short film “Bluebeard” at the upcoming Queens World Film Festival which sees her as the leading lady Vida who over a course of a night follows the evolving intimacy she has with her live-in partner.

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Lucy Owen in “The Sounding”

actress lucy owen the sounding

– Ever the radiant beauty on film and TV, the enigmatic Lucy Owen stars in the drama “The Sounding” about Liv Catherine Eaton), a woman with mental issues who finds her own voice to connect with the world.
– She recently played Angela Ferraro on “Blue Bloods”, the ex-girlfriend of Joe Reagan, the deceased brother of Donnie Whalberg’s Det. Danny Reagan who invited the whole Reagan family to her impending wedding.
– Lucy was also on the big screen as Cynthia, part of Team Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) who is the acclaimed lobbyist, ruthless yet effective in her methods in the riveting “Miss Sloane”.

Jennifer Lafleur in “No Light and No Land Anywhere”

actress jennifer lafleur no light and no land anywhere

– A genuine captivator on the indie scene with memorably resonating turns in dramas such as “Mad”, “Lamb” and “The Midnight Swim”, she’s primed to find affection on television in the months ahead.
– In March, she has a guest-star role on “Big Little Lies” alongside Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. Then Jennifer puts on the scrubs as Dr Carlson on the 3rd Season of “American Crime”.
– Meanwhile, she’s getting all the plaudits for her performance in “No Light and No Land Anywhere” as Tanya, the troubled woman who finds her abrasive half-sister Lexi (Gemma Brockis) to be a burden.

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Missy Yager and Emily Swallow in “The Games We Play”

actress missy yager the games we play
actress emily swallow the games we play

– A consistent dazzler on the festival circuit, the world premiere “The Games We Play” at the Cinequest Film Festival will see Missy Yager at her luminous best in a comedic short about love-altering friendships.
– Missy has also appeared in the Best Picture Oscar-nominated “Manchester by the Sea” which has also made waves ever since last year. Her track record at film festivals is impeccable and inspirational.
– Best known as the omnipotent Amara a.k.a The Darkness on “Supernatural”, Emily Swallow threads lighter territory and looks every bit the enchanter in “The Games We Play” directed by fellow actress Annika Marks.
– With her entrancing wherewithal to delve into roles between good and evil, this darling of TV shows such as “The Mentalist” and most recently “How to Get Away with Murder” will fascinate us for years.

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Jacqui Holland in “Fixed”

actress jacqui holland fixed

– We adore her as the blonde temptation in comedy, horror as well as drama, most recently on the festival favorite “Stevie D” and Jacqui Holland continues to be one of the most beguiling women of independent cinema.
– While we wait to get our fix of Jacqui as Nurse Tammy in the upcoming comedy “Fixed”, she’s more than just an enticing figure in the human-trafficking thriller “Escape from Ensenada” set during Spring Break in Mexico.
– She currently is the ethereal face of the podcast/series, Cosmic Flow, where metaphysics, paranormal and science collide. For those in need of spiritual healing in a world that’s gone mad, be sure to check out Jacqui’s pointers.

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