Sizzling Actresses To Crave @ Richmond International Film Fest 2017

Ella Lentini in “Piece Of Cake”

actress director ella lentini piece of cake

– More than ever the spotlight will be on LGBT features with Moonlight having won the Best Picture Oscar and “Piece Of Cake” directed by the accomplished Ella Lentini should gain much warm approval too.
– It’s the real-life struggle between identity and living up to one’s familial ideals with the fetching Ella playing Alex whose partner Jessie (Youtube star Shannon Beveridge) is in strife over the coming out of their romance.
– She’s also the co-founder of The Riot Life which collaborates with a team of award-winning creatives working in entertainment. Celebrating a free-spirit individuality look our for Ella’s upcoming projects.

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Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand in “The Eye Of Horus”

actress lindsay elizabeth hand the eye of horus

– I once praised Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand as having the mesmeric qualities similar to Greta Gerwig and Brit Marling and she’s every bit the the luminous lady in the web series “The Eye Of Horus”.
– Lindsay has also shown her dedication in content creation with numerous pilots and features under her belt. It has seen her tackling a myriad of genres which led to her ascendancy as an award-winning writer.
– There’s a soulfulness behind her intriguing blue eyes reflecting a nostalgic beauty which would incite quite the ardor. With TV shows delving into bygone eras, she would be the perfect actress to add color to the small screen.

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Alicia Fusting and Jamie Rose in “The Father And The Bear”

actress alicia fusting the father and the bear
actress jamie rose the father and the bear

– Celebrated by those who know her as an actress with brains, beauty and sweetness, Alicia Fusting has regularly been a captivating face in a collection of indie comedies notably the “Route 30” franchise.
– She artfully tows the enchanting line between demureness and sensuality each time she takes to the screen. With that in mind, viewers should soon find her very appealing on the drama “The Father And The Bear”.
– Lauded as a screen siren for her memorable work on “Falcon Crest” and many more hit shows, Jamie Rose recently guest-starred on “Grey’s Anatomy” playing the other woman opposite Rita Moreno.
– A strikingly bold performer, this voluptuous redhead appears in “The Father And The Bear” as Joyce Redman. Her versatility as a comedic and dramatic actress is undeniable in its attraction for many.

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Emily Killian and Jackie Moore in “Behind The Blinds”

actress emily killian behind the blinds
actress jackie moore behind the blinds

– On the web series “Behind The Blinds”, we will find Emily Killian thoroughly desirable as the jail-bait Lola, assistant to the director of the titular drama and who seduces our eyes in her schoolgirl outfits.
– Emily is also starring in “Sex, Lies, & Twitter” as the saucy Carmen, the other party in an awkward threesome with her partner who happens to have boyfriend. which premieres at the upcoming North Hollywood Cinefest.
– As they say 1 hot blonde deserves another and we are also treated to the arresting sex appeal of Jackie Moore who delights as the conflicted aspiring actress Destiny Belle in “Behind The Blinds”.
– Jackie is on a dazzling run on television with guest-star roles on “The Mindy Project”, “The Odd Couple” and having appeared on “Westworld”, she will return for more android drama in Season 2.

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Lindsay Burdge in “Sisters”

actress lindsay burdge sisters

– Ever since she took the indie world by storm with her memorable performance in “A Teacher”, Lindsay Burdge has enraptured audiences with multi-layered turns in a series of must-watch dramas.
– Even in the short form as in the sci-fi thriller “Sisters”, Lindsay keeps us hooked as Anastasia, a woman who after her encounter of the third kind, she goes on a troubled journey of reconciliation with her sister.
– In Karyn Kusuma’s “The Invitation”, Lindsay was stirringly intense as Sadie (Lindsay Burdge) a tempting house guest who craves the attention from everyone she meets and who we will soon find out has a sinister side.

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Jennifer Faith Ward in “Finding Eden”

actress jennifer faith ward finding eden

– For those who love post apocalyptic thrillers, “Finding Eden” will satisfy our love for this beloved sub-genre of horror and Jennifer Faith Ward is an engaging watch whom audiences will be rooting for in no time.
– She’s captivating as the nurturing Lisa, the wife of the main character, Adam who are trying their best to protect their son from cannibals and other hazards in an era when the earth is dying.
– The mystery drama “The Happiest Place On Earth” was where she made a wonderful impression and with it evoking shades of the suspenseful film “The Vanishing”, Jennifer’s emotive affectation onscreen is admirable.

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