Indie Darlings To Adore @ Red Dirt Film Festival 2016

Catherine Trail & Vanessa Ore in “Four Pies”

actress catherine trail four pies
actress vanessa ore four pies

– We do gravitate towards actresses who have a relatable presence on screen and Catherine Trail and Vanessa Ore are indeed the engaging stars of “Four Pies”. This lovable pair can also be seen in “Six Foot Scoundrel”.
– Nominated for Best Actress at this year’s Red Dirt Film Fest, Catherine perfectly captures the nuances of a woman grieving over her mother’s death while having to gallantly deal with two of her bitter sisters.
– The vivacious Vanessa plays Helen, the dearly departed mother of Catherine seem in flashbacks as she reminisces about her loving mum’s pies. Vanessa is notable for her role opposite Daniel Radcliffe in “Imperium”.

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Terissa Kelton and Janet Mayson in “The Last Beautiful Girl”

actress terissa kelton the last beautiful girl
actress janet mayson the last beautiful girl

– Here are 2 actresses who enchantingly personify the spirit of indie film with Terissa Kelton and Janet Mayson are the luminous faces of the romantic comedy “The Last Beautiful Girl”. There’s even a tribute to them here.
– One could say Terissa is a delectable muse of Twitchy Dolphin Flix having enthralled us in many of their features having brought to life enigmatic characters. As this film’s producer/star, she’s double the pleasure to adore.
– Likewise Janet Mayson has been fetching in many films produced by Twitchy Dolphin Flix. Her recent appearance on the well-received horror flick “Night Of Something Strange” should garner her even more fandom.

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Ellie Church in “Born Again”

actress ellie church born again

– With her films “Mania”, “Frankenstein Created Bikers”, “Headless” and now “Born Again” ever-present at multiple film festivals, the sensuous Ellie Church is already a praiseworthy name on the indie horror scene.
– In the wake of scary films with pregnancy at is core such as “Shelley” and “Prevenge”, Ellie introduces a little fun into the sub-genre as the leader of an error-prone Satanic cabal who is carrying the Devil’s Child.
– Dynamic and enticing, Ellie has excelled as both a victim and a bad-ass as well as everything genre-bending on screen and we can’t wait to see her return to all things terror in the upcoming “Brides Of Satan”.

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Renee Percy and Kiersten Hall in “Dumbbells”

actress renee percy dumbbells
actress kiersten hall dumbbells

– Isn’t it great to see the racy 2014 comedy “Dumbbells” still getting an enthusiastic reception on the festival circuit with both cuties Renee Percy and Kiersten Hall adding their brand of allure to the film.
– The multi-talented Renee Percy is an exceptional delight as Ivanka, the annoying salon owner. This Canadian hottie has more than made her mark with her quirky often cheeky guile as a comedienne.
– Kiersten of course has the essence of actresses from the Golden Age Of Hollywood, her old-world beauty making her an Instagram Crush. It’s no surprise to see her sizzle recently on “New Girl” as a Nordic Princess.

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