The Sizzling Women Of Gasparilla Film Festival 2017 – Part 1

Brigitte Kingsley – Executive Producer of “Country Crush”

actress brigitte kingsley executive producer country crush

– Many will gravitate towards the feel-good movie “Country Crush” which has the stunning Brigitte Kingsley as the executive producer. Endorsing it as a romantic drama with plenty of heart, we can’t wait to be entranced!
– It’s a movie musical with a beautiful cast which channels the themes of love and strong family values, woven with a memorable soundtrack. Do look out for Gene Simmon’s daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons who sings on the film.
– With her boundless Sex Appeal, Brigitte is definitely Canada’s Crush and the world too! Her fans will be hoping she reprises her role as the kick-ass warrior Summer Vale in future installments of the “Dark Rising” franchise.

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Susan Gallagher – Writer & Co-Director of “Beneath The Crown”

actress susan gallagher writer beneath the crown

– Written and crafted by Susan Gallagher, “Beneath The Crown” is a documentary about beauty queen Sylvia Hitchcock. It answers the question of what becomes of the pageant winner after the glory fades.
– Wonderfully enigmatic every time she’s on screen, Susan has consistently appealed to many a heart as a most resplendent face of indie films as well as television shows. No surprises to see her shining as a director too!
– She recently starred in the Lifetime Network thriller “Boyfriend Killer” as private investigator Marley Michaels who helps Barbie Castro’s Sandra, the grieving mother whose son’s death is deemed highly suspicious

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Maggie Wagner in “Breakable You”

actress maggie wagner breakable you

– Don’t miss the luscious Maggie Wagner alongside Holly Hunter and Tony Shalhoub in “Breakable You” which is directed by her brother Andrew Wagner. Her immaculate work on film ensures she’s a fixture on this blog.
– Her upcoming film “Devouring Venus” is a must watch as she enchantingly wrings an emotional roller-coaster as Janet whose lunch invitation for her friends descend into chaos after an unexpected visitor drops in.
– It’s apt that she’s a revered indie darling with her role in “American Fango”, the award-winning romantic comedy which is premiering at the North Hollywood CineFest 2017 being another to savor for festival attendees.

Breeda Wool in “AWOL”

actress breeda wool awol

– The sheer number of films Breeda Wool has on the festival circuit does warrant her boundless affection and having enthralled us in the horror film “XX” at Sundance 2017, her love story “AWOL” is just as deeply stirring.
– As the sensual wild child Rayna, Breeda is enticing from start to end as the woman who whilst happily married with 2 kids is a closet lesbian. Her affair with Lola Kirke’s Joey is steamy yet borne of different desires.
– She is most definitely deserving of accolades for her intense portrayal of a battered runaway bride in Erasing Eden. Sans much speech due to the jaw injury sustained by her character, Breeda is a powerhouse dramatist.

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Ilana Becker in “Future 38”

actress ilana becker future 38

– Hot on the heels of her fandom as Irritabelle, Ilana Becker is very much ever-present on television and film with her latest role as Elke, a mysterious blonde secretary at the Army Intelligence Office in “Future 38”.
– While there’s no trailer for “Future 38” lying around, the poster of her character Elke should generate avid interest seeing how she’s a stunner in uniform. Expect Ilana to enliven the retro sci-fi comedy too!
– In the coming months, she’s going to be a perennial siren of the small screen with guest-star roles on “Girls” and “Crashing”. Having also recently appeared on “Kevin Can Wait”, the future is a glittering one for her.

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