Alison Kohlhardt

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Content in the short form do indeed excite us especially with film-maker/actress Alison Kohlhardt sparking a rising interest. She stars in “Synesthesia”, the short film about the ills of being hooked on digital devices where she doubles up as a director. It will be screening at about 20 film festivals including this weekend at the Short. Sweet. Film Festival 2017. This has been a busy period for Alison with her shuttling between LA and Sydney where she’s currently acting in a project and ADing a music video. She has indicated once she returns to LA, she’ll be able to offer a detailed insight into her projects which means an interview with her is in the works. Meanwhile “Synesthesia” should have horror fans satiated as it has a premise that’s all to chillingly real.

The fact that society is obsessed with smartphones paints a scary afterthought and kudos to Alison for reflecting the affliction of digital excesses. Seeing how Australian talents are dear to my heart and for many around the world, Sydney-born Alison is deserving of ovation in all its forms. Her push for female-fronted themes onscreen is a huge plus and we already envision that she’s ready to hit the limelight. Start watching her in the web series “Reckless Juliets” that centers on four high schoolers who at their tender age have already experienced tragedy. The sci-fi short “Reclamation” which Alison directed and starred is also in post-production. Alison’s drive to fashion original stories is as much praiseworthy as it is inspirational and herself being influenced by the industrious Sandra Bullock.

actress alison kohlhardt synesthesia

With an array of features that she’s either the lead or weaving a menagerie of story-lines behind the camera in the months ahead, the effervescent Alison is primed to rock the world!

Do visit the Alison Kohlhardt Official Site for all the latest updates

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