Indie Darlings To Adore @ Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017 – Part 2

Haviland Stillwell in “The Dunning Man”

actress haviland stillwell the dunning man

– Actor, singer and producer Haviland Stillwell is an irrepressibly luminous talent of Film/TV and a screen heroine in my eyes. She’s eclectic in the most intriguing fashion in the comedy “The Dunning Man”.
– She plays Erika Deitz-Hoffman and with her merry band of “animal people” spell trouble for Connor despite his desire for connection. In her kittenish persona, Haviland is a scene stealer making the film memorably colorful.
– Haviland is a recipient of the PowerUP Award joining illustrious past winners Ellen Degeneres and Jane Lynch. With her upcoming role on “Baywatch” with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, she’s a girl on fire!

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Jill-Michele Meleán in “This is Meg”

actress director jill michele melean this is meg

– The new Jill-Michele Meleán film “This Is Meg” somewhat mirrors her real life, offering a fascinating insight into the reality as a working but not yet apparently famous female actress and comedienne.
– As the titular Meg, the always enchanting Jill provokes conversation of the real world problems aspiring entertainers face daily with the sweeping change of disruption tools like social media that affects one’s craft.
– She’s often acknowledged how life is funny even in drama and she’s delectably translated those intricate facets of life onscreen. Look out for the divine Jill in “Love And Hostages” which is also making its festival rounds.

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Marem Hassler, Beth Grant and Claudia Graf in “Actors Anonymous”

actress marem hassler actors anonymous
actress beth grant actors anonymous
actress claudia graf actors anonymous

– When one gets to indulge in the wonders of a trio of talented actresses onscreen or on television, it’s opportune to be in praise the magnetic presence of Marem Hassler, Beth Grant and Claudia Graf.
– All these 3 distinctively amazing women are appearing in “Actors Anonymous”, adapted from the popular novel by James Franco that explores the highs and lows of being part of the Hollywood machine.
– Marem is endowed with a sensuality that’s so lovable with her new web-series “Riley Parra” based on writer Geonn Cannon’s popular lesbian book series likely to garner her even more affection.

– Beth is getting all the acclaim as Lady Bird Johnson in “Jackie” and of course as the outrageous Beverly on “The Mindy Project”. Her pedigree as a character actor is undeniable as can be seen in “Last Will and Testicle”.

– Claudia has enchanted audiences at Cinequest back in 2015 with a leading role as Sabrina, a supermodel who bonds with a bored housewife in “I Am Good”. Her return to the Tampa Bay festival will be an entrancing one.

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Sarah French in “The Night Watchmen”

actress sarah french the night watchmen

– If you’re an avid horror fan, you would endorse Scream Queen Sarah French as an everyday crush in a heartbeat especially since this blonde bombshell been one of the most enticing women of indie horror.
– She’s also very much a draw at horror conventions and with her latest role on the vampire horror comedy “The Night Watchmen” in what will be a busy year ahead, she’s on course for an ever increasing devotion.
– Whether it’s a creature feature, a horror comedy or a film that has much darker roots, Sarah has been a sultry temptation and her recent work in the survival horror of “You Found Me” suggests she’s to be adored.

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Jolene Andersen in “Prodigy”

actress jolene andersen prodigy

– Her ability to pull off uniquely desirable looks on film, television as well as on print does mean statuesque actress/model Jolene Andersen is odds on to enrapture the minds of audiences. Check out her reel.
– She’s getting into the sci-fi act with her role in the riveting “Prodigy” which tells of a psychologist who is called in to evaluate a young telepathic girl, Ellie who is by no means of innocence youth.
– Jolene has also heat things up on the TV series “Casual” which of course has a Season 3 premiere coming up and recently on “Kingdom” flaunting her stellar bod. We certainly have a craving for this ravishing redhead!

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