Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kristina Denton

actress kristina denton cinequest film and vr festival 2017

2017 is undoubtedly the year of female-centric stories and this weekend sees Kristina Denton enriching the festival circuit with her luscious charm. As the writer and leading lady of “Orange Lipstick”, she has intended for her short film as a tribute to mothers everywhere. Their tireless diligence and self-sacrifice as a matriarchal caregiver is depicted in her character Jess who with all the travails of life as a mother is still human after all. Kristen’s writing is rooted in authenticity as is her grounded portrayal of a stressed out mom who judiciously is able to steal a few private moments to savor. Those tender moments are an inflection of the film’s fascinating perspective.

It’s so awesome to see Kristina alongside Sarah Booth (whom i featured recently) in the trailer (above) as they are both enchanting talents in their own right. Additionally, Kristina’s passion for developing moving narratives ensures audiences will be enthused over what lies ahead. This weekend’s screening of “Orange Lipstick” should be one not to be missed as we become accustomed to the joys Kristina can enlighten us with.

actress kristina denton orange lipstick

The delectable Kristina has already worked with the big hitters such as on the Fox TV series “Rake” with Greg Kinnear, a Comedy Central pilot with Sam Levine of Freaks and Geeks fame and Sony Pictures’ “The Unknown” playing the wife of Tony Goldwyn who is best known as President Fitzgerald on ABC’s “Scandal”. Juggling roles on television as well as on indie features is bound to expand our fondness for her. This classy enchanter of both sides of the camera may soon be everyone’s lovable go-to-girl.

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