TV Vixens To Crave – 6 March 2017

Andrea Stefancikova in “The Arrangement”

actress andrea stefancikova the arrangement

– Flourishing with sensual verve, the exquisite Andrea Stefancikova is a Canadian Vixen the world will be in appreciation seeing how she’s adding a brassy spice to the new TV series “The Arrangement”.
– She’s more than just a temptation in the recurring role of Sophie Marchuk, the calculative therapist of Josh Henderson’s Kyle West, a big Hollywood star and as we find out has a veiled agenda of her own.
– Having burst onto the scene in the thrilling “Kidnapped in Romania”, she went on to appear in festival favorites “Below Her Mouth” and “Dark Harvest” as well as “From Straight A’s to XXX”, the story of pornstar Belle Knox.
– Do look out for her to be illuminating the screen once more, this time in the short film “Unintentional Mother” alongside Mary Galloway who directs her and who together with Andrea are a cert for adulation.

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Lizz Carter in “Feud”

actress lizz carter feud

– In the very first episode of the highly anticipated FX series “Feud”, she guest stars as British actress Margaret Leighton who shares scenes with Susan Sarandon’s Bette Davis in the stage production “Night Of The Iguana”.
– Portraying the refined Margaret Leighton who won a Tony Award for “Night Of The Iguana”, Lizz is elegantly wonderful as the English actress who being the fresher talent steals the limelight from the aging Bette Davis.
– Lavishly charismatic is another of the traits of Lizz Carter that we will find so appealing and she recently starred in the family friendly musical “Breaking Legs” as the spunky dance teacher Lala Swoon.
– Viewers would have also seen Lizz dazzling it up on “Jane The Virgin” as romance novelist Layla Vayne whose reading is attended by the younger and more inquisitive version of Jane in a flashback scene.

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Vanessa Vander Pluym in “Shades Of Blue”

actress vanessa vander pluym shades of blue

– The strikingly beautiful Vanessa Vander Pluym has the distinction of being both the stunt double of Jennifer Lopez and having a recurring role as the hooker Gina Rodriguez on the hit series “Shades Of Blue”.
– Many would have loved seeing her as Queen Of Hearts, the villainous monarch from Alice In Wonderland lore on “The Librarians” and she was also fetching as the wrestler Juicy Jordan in a 3-episode arc on “Jane The Virgin”.
– Her fearlessness to excel in her craft, be it stunt work or invigorating the screen both big and small is laudable. Testing her boundaries both physical and dramatic, she’s establishing herself as a talent who can do it all!
– Vanessa will next star alongside Tom Everett Scott and Angélica Celaya in “Danger One” which sees two paramedics finding a million dollars on a dying man and their eventual greed leads to a hellish night.

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Natalie Kim in “Time After Time”

actress natalie kim time after time

– Natalie Kim has a recurring role on the new series “Time After Time” and she’s thrown into some harrowing moments having been kidnapped by Jack The Ripper (Josh Bowman) who has warped into modern times.
– Time Travel has been hot lately and here’s another series to keep you hooked. Natalie plays Jules Milton, the unfortunate fashion consultant whom the intrepid museum curator Jane (Genesis Rodriguez) tries to save.
– She’s no stranger to the intensity of the small screen having appeared on “The Blacklist” as Xiaoping Li, an immunologist who is busted out from a labor camp in China only to be kidnapped by a Serbian extraction team.
– Besides her dramatic work, Natalie also excels in the realm of comedy, be it on a kooky series like “Bored to Death” or in the short film “Super Debt” as Firebird, the super heroine with financial troubles.

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