The Sizzling Women Of Gasparilla Film Festival 2017 – Part 2

Stephanie Allynne in “All Nighter”

actress stephanie allynne all nighter

– Surely a buzz-worthy name on the festival circuit with stirring roles in “Punching Henry”, “Dave Made A Maze” and the upcoming “All-Nighter”, Stephanie Allynne is painting the film world with her offbeat charms.
– Don’t miss Stephanie as she’s a cert to be a scene stealer throughout and the funny trailer (above) showing her character Lizzie opposite J.K. Simmons’s Mr Gallo already teases how amazing she is at tickling us pink.
– She’s the wife of acclaimed comedienne Tig Notaro and recently played radio producer Kate on Tig’s series “One Mississippi”. Stephanie refers to Kate as a female Don Draper and we adore her for embodying such dynamism.

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Meryl Hathaway in “Dean”

actress meryl hathaway dean

– From TV to the big screen, the sparkling Meryl Hathaway has given us laugh-out-loud moments to savor. She’ll do so once more in the emotion-driven comedy “Dean” with unconventional humorist Demetri Martin.
– I’m honored to be shining the spotlight on Meryl Hathway as she shared screen time with 2 of my favorite actresses Kristen Bell and Angela Trimbur on “The Good Place”. Now this is a trio of talented comediennes!
– This blossoming funny-woman is primed to have a captivating affect on viewers as she’s guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the hit series “This Is Us” alongside Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore.

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Natalija Nogulich in “The Last Word”

actress natalija nogulich the last word

– Don’t miss the always radiant Natalija Nogulich who has wonderful scenes with Amanda Seyfried and film icon Shirley MacLaine who plays a controlling businesswoman decides to write her own obituary in “The Last Word”.
– Natalija has also been an exceptionally graceful performer on television across a myriad of genres with notable stints on “Criminal Minds”, “2 Broke Girls”, “Suburgatory”, “Glee” and “K.C. Undercover”.
– Her talents extend beyond being an actress/director as she’s also an author having published her first novel called “One Woman’s War” as well as being an adjunct professor at renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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Danielle Baker in “Oh, The Effing Horror”

actress danielle baker oh the effing horror

– One of the most delectable faces of independent horror, Danielle Baker stars in “Oh, The Effing Horror” as Luci Fuer, a woman who goes on a camping date only to encounter a serial killer on the loose.
– While she’s the captivating face of the horror comedy, Danielle is equally eye-catching in the murkier vestiges of horror having appeared in “The Before Time”, a terror tale steeped in Native American mythology.
– Demonic possession features are still a big draw for horror fans ensuring we’ll have eyes on Danielle’s upcoming film “iPossessed” which is about four friends making a pact with a demon.

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