Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 8th March 2017

Ashley Avis & Dana Rosendorff in “Deserted”

director ashley avis deserted
actress dana rosendorff deserted

– With March 8 being International Women’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the female voices in entertainment by revering Film-maker Ashley Avis who is exemplary in making her mark on the film industry.
– Likewise the female cast she directs which includes Mischa Barton, Winter Ave Zoli and Dana Rosendorff should be similarly lauded. Up and coming Australian actress Dana dazzles on Ashley’s thriller “Deserted”.

director ashley avis and actress dana rosendorff

– Ashley crafts a riveting tale that’s more than just a survival thriller in the harsh landscape of Death Valley as we are drawn to the complexities of strong women battling the unforgiving terrain and their trepidation.
– Dana illuminates the screen in her role as Heather who is composed in the face of impossible odds having seen herself and her friends lose their bearings in the desert. She’s destined to gain admirers as an indie sweetheart.

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Dena Tyler & Tara Westwood in “Bull”

actress dena tyler bull
actress tara westwood bull

– Dena Tyler has certainly blossom into a covetable actress on television with her delightful polished performances as the enterprising Liberty Davis on the hit CBS series “Bull” alongside Michael Weatherly.
– She has such an affable disposition, it should be enchanting grounds to catch her facing off with Michael Weatherly’s Dr Bull this week. Tune in to find out if she can win the battle of wits between 2 dedicated minds?

– Joining Dena in the episode “Free Fall” is the ravishing Tara Westwood who guest-stars as Addison Whitfield, the wife of the Governor whose untimely death sparked the trial that sees the hoopla that is Liberty vs Bull.
– Tara has enthralled the masses on the festival circuit with her endearingly grounded portrayal as Jessica opposite Carlo Fiorletta who plays her father in “Detours”. It’s great to see her glittering up TV too.

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Melanie Papalia in “You Me Her”

actress melanie papalia you me her

– Melanie Papalia may play the escort Nina in the polyamoric romantic comedy series “You Me Her” yet we fall at her feet because she’s the embodiment of a Canadian sweetheart and our Screen Addiction.
– In the first episode of the 2nd Season of “You Me Her”, she’s already rousing things up as she gets into a ‘Sisterly’ cat-fight with gal pal Priscilla Faia’s Izzy which includes a handful of fists in each other’s mouth. Ouch!
– From comedy to drama or a mixture of both and even horror most prominently as the lead of festival favorite “The Den”, Melanie’s relatable loveliness has always been divinely sententious in our eyes.

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Meadow Williams in “Officer Downe”

actress meadow williams officer downe

– Endowed with the sensuality of a blonde bombshell and the purity of the girl next door, the charming Meadow Williams has facilely sizzled as some of the most outlandish characters in the realm of independent film.
– Watch her in “Officer Downe” as the sultry gun-totting Mother Supreme who leads her combative group of nuns against Kim Coates’s Officer Terry Downe who unlike Logan (spoiler alert!) can’t be stopped even in death!
– The multi-talented Meadow is also notable for starring in “The Harvest” opposite Michael Shannon as Sandra, the pharmaceutical rep who helps Michael’s character Richard with his ill son’s medical supplies.

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