Tess Niedermeyer

actress tess niedermeyer Highway to Havasu

Our enthusiasm in discovering budding talents is timeless and many will find a growing fondness for the glowing Tess Niedermeyer. She’s been a fixture on films that have premiered at several film festivals and at the same time piquing our interest. It’s a boon to see her alongside perennial indie sirens Sarah Butler and Kerry Barker in the short film “Megan’s Shift” which screened at the recent Santa Barbara Film Fest.

Here’s the gracious Tess revealing more about her role in “Megan’s Shift” and her other projects:

I play the role of Tess, the young waitress who essentially brings to light the failure Zeke sees in his professional life. Tess is the young and oblivious waitress who thinks she is better than everyone else in the restaurant, but quickly takes Zeke’s place. I also played a high school volleyball player in “Poor Boy” which premiered at TriBeCa film festival and an aloof cop in “Highway to Havasu” at Hollywood Film Festival last year.

“Highway to Havasu” has just been made available on all devices on multiple platforms including iTunes which ensures viewers will get a glimpse of Tess shedding her cuteness to become quite the kooky policewoman. In comic fashion, she is enforcing the law upon the recklessness of youth as Officer Gunnette during Lake Havasu’s Spring Break. Tess is certainly more than capable of playing against type.

actress tess niedermeyer indie darling

There is most certainly a demand brewing for willowy actresses with an undeniable appeal such as Caitlin FitzGerald and Mackenzie Davis so if you’re into them then it’s time to follow the work of the vivacious Tess. That would mean we should soon be effusive in our passion for her.

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