SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Annie Hamilton

actress annie hamilton sxsw 2017

Every year, SXSW introduces us to fresh faces who are bright, young talents such as the fetching Annie Hamilton. She stars in “DRIB”, a film that melds fiction and documentary which is so relevant in this era of fake news. It centres on Amir Asgharnejad, an Oslo-based comedian and prankster who almost became the face of an energy drink. In a stylized tone throughout, it reveals how media manipulation is so pervasive until we can’t tell fact from fiction. Do check out “DRIB” at SXSW in Austin Texas as you might just be able to catch Annie in attendance during the film’s premiere.

Currently, she can also be in seen in the series “The Minutes Collection” on Fullscreen and appears in the segment “Cory Comes to Christmas“. You can watch the episode here and behold the travails of bringing someone new to meet your family over the holidays unfold with sharp melodrama. Annie has such an earthiness that she embodies so well despite her character’s frustrations that we can’t help but be engaged. Annie also starred in “Dance Camp” alongside popular YouTuber Meg DeAngelis which replicates the always popular song and dance comedy concept with a slight focus on adult themes. With Annie’s mix of innocence and sultry appeal, she’ll dance her way into your hearts.

actress annie hamilton drib

Next up for Annie is a role on the sci-fi drama “Desolate” which stars Australian actress Natasha Bassett who played Britney Spears in the recent TV Movie “Britney Ever After”. “Desolate” is set in a dystopian world ravaged by unsavory threats both elemental and human. With her lovable presence on the big screen and the web, it’s only a matter of time before Annie shines on television too.

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