Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017 Spotlight: Romi Trower

actress romi trower cinequest film and vr festival 2017

Spreading the love for the delightful and multi-talented Romi Trower is a given seeing how she’s captivated audiences at this year’s Cinequest + VR Film Fest. She was a vision of ebullience at the recent Q & A of her debut feature film “What If It Works?” and this Aussie director/writer/actress is set for blooming adoration. Drawing from experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in her family, she’s used her personal story to craft a heartwarming film about mental afflictions with “What If It Works?”. It has Luke Ford’s (Animal Kingdom) OCD tech nerd Adrian McKinnon forming a connection with Anna Samson’s (HBO’s The Leftovers) Grace, a street artist with Dissociative Identity Disorder. She’s also roped in Brooke Satchwell who is famed for starring on “Neighbours”, one of my favorites shows when i was living in Australia which Romi has also guest-starred on.

We definitely need more stories that capture the breadth of personalities and kudos to Romi for highlighting this world of rarely seen passion between two uncoventional souls. Romi herself has actually portrayed a woman with a personal disorder in the short film “No One Is Listening Anymore!. She was brilliant in her trouble persona who blames technology for her OCD, anxiety, ADHD, fear of STDs, and for the fact that no one is listening anymore. Now a soon-to-be flourishing director, Romi has all the makings of a sterling film-maker.

actress romi trower what if it works

Just like the famed motivational chant ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi’, Romi is charting her way to success. We are excited to see her bringing to life more intimately pleasing narratives in the near future.

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