Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Pasadena Film Festival 2017

Gabrielle Stone, Amanda Wyss and Sydney Sweeney in “It Happened Again Last Night”

It’s triple the viewing pleasure this week as we’ll be captivated by the beautiful Gabrielle Stone, Amanda Wyss and Sydney Sweeney, the stars of the perturbing domestic abuse film “It Happened Again Last Night”.

actress gabrielle stone it happened again last night

– Gabrielle is steadily making waves on 3 fronts as the director, writer and star of this short which sees her take on the thought-provoking leading role of Paige, a woman trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse.
– With several of her films still going strong on the festival circuit, she’s establishing herself as a mesmerizing indie talent. We can’t wait to see her opposite her mum Dee Wallace in the horror flick “Death House”.

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actress amanda wyss it happened again last night

– Amanda is an icon of horror and this time around she delves into horrors of another kind as Eileen, the mother of Gabrielle’s Paige. Blessed with an eternal youthfulness, she engages us with an emotional performance.
– Many have praised her recurring role as the murderous Kat Cooper on “Murder In The First” and her reunion with fellow “Nightmare On Elm Street” alum Lisa Wilcox in “The Watcher of Park Ave” is highly anticipated.

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actress sydney sweeney it happened again last night

– Sydney is playing the younger version of Gabrielle’s Paige and her burgeoning stature as a desirable talent is very much affirmed having been memorably eye-catching in recent films such as “The Horde” and “Relentless”.
– Her star is on the ascendancy with her upcoming guest-star role on “Pretty Little Liars” as well as appearing alongside Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough and Summer Bishil in the thriller “Under the Silver Lake”.

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Katie L. Hall in “Don’t Tell Larry”

actress katie l hall don't tell larry

– More than just a radiant comedienne, her generosity towards me which I’m sure she relays to all her fans makes Katie L. Hall such a graceful soul. She consistently brings ample joy up on the screen.
– Katie stars in “Don’t Tell Larry” as Susan, an office worker who tries to keep secrets from her colleague who has an anger issue but is that the best thing to do? Find out by catching this comedy short this weekend!
– She recently booked a feature film that starts shooting next month called “Spin The Bottle” with Emily Killian who was featured here recently. Get ready for more laugh out loud moments.

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Anita Leeman Torres in “Mirrored”

actress anita leeman torres mirrored

– The vivacious Anita Leeman would hands down win awards for Best Smile and this Honduran-born enchantress has been ever-present at numerous film festivals, most recently in the cult thriller “Prettyface”.
– Don’t miss Anita as Kate Kraten in “Mirrored”, the sci-fi short that sees her feisty character inhabiting a world where resurrection after death via cloning has become a reality for those who can afford it.
– Her sex appeal spans the range between vixenish and demureness which is doubly entrancing to viewers. With a series of short films and features coming up in 2017, we should readily be enamored with her.

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