Cindy Chu

actress cindy chu macgyver

To be supportive of Asian faces on television is a wonderful thing and the glowing Cindy Chu merits our generous ardor. She has a co-star role on the “Macgyver”-“Hawaii Five-0” crossover episode which sees her as Mayumi a scientist trapped in a building after an earthquake in “Hawaii”. She has scenes with Lucas Till in an intense episode. Crossovers are all the rage and it allows an expansion in scope of fluid worlds which also means a wealth of inhabiting characters. Would love to see Cindy illuminating inter-weaving story-lines such as the DC Universe or #OneChicago franchises perhaps in the near future.

Cindy will certainly be making her presence felt across film and the web on top of her stint on TV. She’s appearing yet again as a scientist in the sci-fi film “One Under The Sun” which stars the prominent Bollywood actress Pooja Batra and Constance Brenneman who is a regular on this blog.

Here’s the ever gracious Cindy giving us an insight into some of her current and upcoming projects:

I played a news reporter in “One Under The Sun”. Nothing big or fancy! It’s available for rental and purchase now digitally. I also have upcoming episodes of Game Shakers (Nickelodeon show, March sometime I think) coming up, and my audio drama I play the lead in (Violet Liu) just released chapter 2, and we’re working on chapter three next week. Also, a web series I was in as a series regular was recently released on Vimeo, Happy Thoughts

My improv team Treasure Lake has our own show at the Clubhouse every first and third Monday now, 7-8PM and features a variety hour of standup and other improv teams.

actress cindy chu actress spotlight

In an industry which still suffers from underwhelming representation, we certainly need to see Asian stories and Asian characters seen as well as heard, a notion that Star Wars Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed recently alluded to. I am glad to see the talents of the gorgeous Cindy Chu adorning the screen for the global audience to appreciate.

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