Elizabeth Frances

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Native American actresses are steadily gaining their spot in the limelight with the magnetic Elizabeth Frances destined to hit the headlines. This week, she guest stars as the headstrong Lilly Rowan on the Gillian Jacobs comedy series “Love” which is in its 2nd Season. You wouldn’t one to mess with the feisty Lilly as she manhandles the eccentric Truman (Bobby Lee), a colleague of Gillian’s Mickey Dobbs as his fibs come to light. Elizabeth’s portrayal is persuasively bad-ass on some of the funniest scenes in just the 3rd episode and we already can’t wait for more. Elizabeth returns on the 7th but this time she’s every bit the elegant lady and seemingly has patched up with her squeeze Truman. I love how she’s still intimidating, towering over everyone at the party where she meets Gus (Paul Rust).

Just like this Netflix series that attests to the down-to-earth look at love, audiences will surely start having a passion for the rising star that is Elizabeth Frances. She is starring in the upcoming AMC western drama series “The Son” alongside Pierce Brosnan who plays Eli, the patriarch of the McCullough family. He was kidnapped and raised among the Comanche Native American tribe shaping his uncompromising world view when it comes to business. Frances will delve into the guise of Prairie Flower, a member of the Comanche tribe and Eli’s first love. Her misgivings of Eli as merely a slave turns to attraction when she realizes he’s made of sterner stuff. While Elizabeth is known for her indie work in the Sundance hit “Drunktown’s Finest” which was executive produced by the iconic Robert Redford and the spiritual film “Ghost Forest”, she’s now making waves on TV.

actress elizabeth frances actress spotlight

I was blessed to get this interview with Elizabeth when she was a budding talent at Sundance and her dedication till now has led to what will be many successful years for her. I love how she spoke of today’s woman being smart, saavy, tough, but still feminine and she’s already portraying those interesting facets on screen with enthralling verve. Watch her dazzle the planet!

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