The Must Watch Actresses @ SXSW Film Festival 2017 – Part 1

Maria Dizzia in “Fits And Starts”

actress maria dizzia fits and starts

– One of the most influential women of the indie genre, the soulful Maria Dizzia is truly one of the captivators of the film world and will be a must-watch in the comedy “Fits And Starts” directed by Laura Terruso.
– Festival-goers adored her sensitive performance in “Christine” as Jean, the compassionate camerawoman who bonds with Rebecca Hall’s troubled news reporter Christine Chubbuck who shot herself on-air.
– Ever-present on Broadway, film, web and television, most notably as Polly, Piper’s best friend on “Orange Is The New Black”, Maria has imprinted herself into our hearts with a most amiable aura.

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Jennifer Prediger in “Infinity Baby”

actress jennifer prediger infinity baby

– Jennifer Prediger must certainly be lauded as an SXSW Muse with successive appearances in films that have graced the prestigious film festival including 2015’s “Uncle Kent 2” and 2016’s “Rainbow Time”.
– In 2017. she is starring in the comedy “Infinity Baby” which tells of babies who don’t age. This screwball funny flick sees her amping up the zaniness alongside Kieran Culkin, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.
– She’s steadily becoming an inspirational figure of independent cinema for her endeavors as an actress, director and writer. Her gregarious nature and exceptional flair onscreen is genuinely memorable.

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Jessica Richards in “Dara Ju”

actress jessica richards dara ju

– Jessica Richards is a beguiling entertainer that has dazzled the stage, film and recently the soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful”. She’s notable for mesmerizing us as theater student Rose in the dramedy “Opening Night”.
– Don’t miss her stirring many a heart once more in “Dara Ju” as Cailin, the friend of Lucy Griffiths character Liz (known for her work on AMC show “Preacher”) in the story of a young Nigerian-American financier.
– She’s able to shine in multiple guises on film be it as a femme fatale or as a love interest which she does ever so fetchingly in her upcoming short “The Red String” which is about reconnecting with one’s lost love.

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Lucy Faust in “68 Kill”

actress lucy faust 68 kill

– The always adorable Lucy Faust who can be seen in several films that were riveting on the festival front such as “Strange Weather” and “Midnight Special” will appear in the mayhem-filled feature “68 Kill”.
– New Orleans has become the center of up and coming talents where Lucy most definitely ranks as one of the brightest. The fact that she has enthrallingly ageless looks ensures adoration in its most lovable forms.
– She’s appeared in shows spanning a host of eras from her recent stint on pre-Civil War “Underground” to the 17th century witch trials on “Salem”, a testament of her appeal as a vintage or beauty of modern times.

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