Lilan Bowden

actress lilan bowden andi mack

Her effervescence calls for generous passion and the comely Lilan Bowden will be garnering a deluge of compliments in the months ahead. She’s changing the landscape when it comes to Asian American archetypes with her role as the rebellious Bex Mack on the new Disney series “Andi Mack”. Already available on digital platforms, watch Lilan and leading lady Peyton Elizabeth Lee who plays the titular Andi Mack steal our hearts with their endearing luminosity. When Lilan’s leather clad Bex makes her entrance on a motorcycle, you know you’re in for distinctively refreshing characters who don’t quite fit in a box we might often associate with. In a show with family at its core, it also doesn’t shy away from showing that teens like Andi do have their high and low points in life which the show highlights so eloquently.

There’s also a shocking family secret that is revealed that changes the mechanics of Andi and Bex’s relationship ensuring we will be very much invested in the unfolding drama. Here are Asian women in leading roles on screen which calls for celebration which is an accomplishment we should all be shouting from the rooftops. The bubbly Lilan could well be television’s newest coveted star with such a defining performance on “Andi Mack” that has its vulnerable moments to savor.

actress lilan bowden actress spotlight

You may also catch on the 2nd Season of “Love” which is a smaller part for her yet she never fails to charm us with her vivaciousness. Be inspired by the entrancing emergence of the beautiful spirit of Lilan Bowden.

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