SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Sari Sanchez

singer sari sanchez sxsw 2017 festival

Mexican-American actress Sari Sanchez is an adorable charmer who is on her way to garnering much loving recognition. She stars in “Signature Move” as Alma, an intelligent yet fearless Mexican woman who is crafting her identity through wrestling and love with director Zaynab (Fawzia Mirza), a thirty-something Pakistani, Muslim. If ever there was an enthralling vision brought to screen it has to be “Signature Move” with its themes centering on LGBT relationships, religious tolerance and the Luchador culture. Directed and written by a woman about women of color, its the coming together of heterogeneity in our community that should be held in high regard and that we shouldn’t be afraid of standing tall as who we are. With such richness in Alma’s makeup, she is a riveting character deftly brought to screen by the likable and beautiful Sari.

Sari has already graced the world premiere of her film which will be screening on multiple days this week at SXSW and attendees should be able to get a glimpse of this newly minted indie sweetheart. She has also recently starred in the slasher flick “Kill Game” where a group of pranksters are targeted by a Marilyn Monroe mask wearing boogeyman. On television, audiences would have seen her being a sensual tease as Deputy Mayor Raquel Alvarez. She’s in league with Andre Lyon, the eldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon who engage in a sexual tryst for their mutual benefits. The flawed mindset has always been present in the human condition and Raquel’s evolving desires are illustrated splendidly by the gifts Sari has as a screen talent.

singer sari sanchez signature move

Sari has also been widely praised as a theater actress with many impressive reviews heralding her dynamic work. Her noteworthy dawning on the festival circuit will certainly be relished by an expanding list of admirers.

Do visit the Sari Sanchez Official Site for all the latest updates

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