The Must Watch Actresses @ SXSW Film Festival 2017 – Part 2

Bertila Damas in “Lucky”

actress bertila damas lucky

– One of the most mesmeric faces in the world of film and television most strikingly on the hit series “Grimm”, Bertila Damas stars in “Lucky”, the amusing story with an unassuming tone audiences will delight in.
– She’s a scene stealer as Bibi, the grocery store owner who inadvertently inspires the best qualities out of Harry Dean Stanton’s titular Lucky who is a ninety-year-old atheist facing his impending mortality.
– It’s so wonderful to see Bertila shine alongside Benita Robledo (who is regularly lauded on this blog) in the tender comedy hit “Dependent’s Day. She is so appealing as the bubbly mum of Benita’s Alice Rivera.

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Jenna C. Johnson in “It Began Without Warning”

actress jenna c johnson it began without warning

– If you like “Stranger Things” and body horror, be sure to check out the praiseworthy short “It Began Without Warning” which stars the fetching Jenna C. Johnson in a tale that’s intriguingly genre-bending.
– Jenna is already at SXSW promoting “It Began Without Warning” with its premise of naughty kids playing with things that they shouldn’t (in this case slimy alien stuff) gaining attention from industry insiders and viewers.
– This lovable redhead is notable for her zesty spark that’s such an attraction onscreen. Be sure to catch her on the big screen in “The Bronx Bull” about the legendary boxing champion Jake LaMotta.

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Eileen Dietz in “Assholes”

actress eileen dietz assholes

– We know Eileen Dietz for her iconic work on “The Exorcist” and her illustrious career is becoming even more eclectic as she threads into a collection of contrasting roles that still retains its shock factor.
– Following up her appearance on the psychological terror tale “Lake Alice” which premiered at Sundance, Eileen goes into surreal body horror (isn’t it a trend) comedy in the darkly funny “Assholes”.
– She stars as a devilish woman who is freed from inside a woman’s insides by some fist action between the 2 crazy protagonists Adam (Peter Vack) and Adah (Betsey Brown). Have they got out attention or what!

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