TV Vixens To Crave – 15th March 2017

Judy Kain in “Hand Of God”

actress judy kain hand of god

– Judy Kain is certifiably television’s premier siren with her appearances in a multitude of shows from late 2016 on “The Odd Couple” and into a prosperous 2017 as she reprises her Judge Stanton role on “Hand Of God”.
– In season 2 of “Hand Of God”, she introduces a much more brassy attitude as Judge Stanton who presides over the trial of Ron Perlman’s Judge Pernell Harris and doesn’t give him an inch despite them being ex-colleagues.
– The very accomplished Judy is excelling in some meaty roles across the genres of drama and comedy with her upcoming return to “The Fosters” in a multi-episode story arc very likely to arouse our interest.

Erica Deutschman & Katy Breier in “The Murdoch Mysteries”

actress Erica Deutschman the murdoch mysteries
actress katy breier the murdoch mysteries

– It’s safe to say “Murdoch Mysteries” rank as one of my favorite shows especially with its historical elements of Toronto at the turn of the 20th Century and for the women who have graced the show so captivatingly.
– In the newest episode “Hot Wheels of Thunder”, both Erica Deutschman and Katy Breier sparkle respectively as Sophie Palmer and Lydia Hull who are drawn into the world of roller-skating inhabited by ruthless women.
– Having guest-starred recently on “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”, Erica goes from vamp to ultra-combative roller-skater Sophie Palmer whose mother, a roller-skating champion was found murdered.
– We already know Katy as Lydia Hall, the burlesque dancer who is quite the perky moll and this time around she’s on Team Dr. Julia Ogden as they compete in the high-stakes all-female roller skating competition.

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Courtney Rackley in “Hand Of God”

actress courtney rackley hand of god

– If you’re binge watching Season 2 of “Hand Of God”, do look out for the bubbly Courtney Rackley as she illuminates episode 9 in her guest-star role as the effervescent Chi. (check out the scenes on her reel above)
– She is known for her hilarious work on the web series “Firsts” which gave us a humorous glimpse of the sometimes awkward first experiences of a fledgling couple including experimenting with threesomes.
– Currently she’s a trailblazer on stage in Collective Rage: A Play In 5 Boops where she essays the part of one of five different Bettys colliding at the intersection of anger and sex. Courtney never fails to put a smile on our faces!

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Meryl Hathaway in “This Is Us”

actress meryl hathaway this is us

– It might be the tear-inducing finale on “This Is Us” but we are still able to enjoy the merits of the wonderful Meryl Hathaway who appears in a flashback scene which has significance to the captivating drama this season past.
– She guest-stars as Linda, a good friend of Mandy Moore’s Rebecca Pearson who tries to set Rebecca up on a date during their lunch in a diner as the conundrum of being unmarried crops up in their conversation.
– Meryl’s relatable disposition makes her every bit the charmer and you have to see her fascinating turn as the Ghost Millie on the series “Deadbeat” whose star Tyler Labine indicates is deserving of a spin-off show.

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