Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Queens World Film Festival

Christina Moore & Vanessa Bednar in “Searching For Fortune”

actress christina moore searching for fortune
actress vanessa bednar searching for fortune

– Bringing such effervescence on film, Christina Moore and Vanessa Bednar are a fabulous duo who each exude a brimming sensuality as well as a personable connection that viewers will find pleasantly meritable.
– Christina illuminates the screen once more as the leading lady of “Searching For Fortune” playing Emily, the widow who helps her husband’s brother re-assess his life as the two find a love that’s out of the ordinary.
– Vanessa plays “Bo” the bartender in “Searching For Fortune”. She recently made waves on the web series “Can’t Let It Go” as a has-been swimsuit model but we do know Vanessa’s desirable curves are forevermore adored.

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Nicole LaLiberte in “Adam Green’s Alladin”

actress nicole laliberte adam green's alladin

– It is one of the trippiest comedies in recent history and the outlandishly wacky “Adam Green’s Alladin” will undoubtedly be dazzled by Nicole LaLiberte who herself marches to her own distinctive allure.
– In this chaotic take on the fables of Alladin, Nicole plays Ms. President, a figure not traditionally associated with Alladin tales but exists in the explosion of revelry that’s colorfully experimental and hallucinogenic.
– This striking redhead is already whetting our appetites as she’ll soon be seen alongside Melissa Leo in “I’m Dying Up Here” set during the stand-up comedy boom as well as the revival series “Twin Peaks”.

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Ava Paloma in “Criss Cross”

actress ava paloma criss cross

– Don’t miss the vivacious Ava Paloma in the short film “Criss Cross” which sees the secret lives of a group of neighbors who are in a constant flux of collision amidst a Harlem that’s on a path of resurgence.
– She stars alongside fellow actress and best friend Thais Kirby in this mini-tale that’s actually part of a stirring collection of stories which are inter-weaved into the character-driven TV mini-series known as Harlemites.
– The gorgeous Ava came into our adoring view on the festival circuit with her mesmerizing performance in “Reaching Home” as the bohemian artist Jona who visits her new found squeeze at his family home.

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Lauren Parkinson & Monique Parent in “Scumbag”

actress lauren parkinson scumbag
actress monique parent scumbag

– Here are 2 stunning ladies who would certainty find many lauding them as Sex Symbols and Lauren Parkinson as well as Monique Parent have imbued the world of independent cinema with their memorable sensuality.
– Known for her enticing performances in “Avengers Grimm” and “Appetites”, Lauren teases us from start to finish in the hilarious “Scumbag” as the lollipop, licking office bimbo Porsche and we can’t get enough.
– Whether she’s a Crimson Vixen or sporting her now sexy Silver Fox look, Monique never fails to turn us on and in “Scumbag” she does so in a more cerebral fashion as the all business Susan Stevens.

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