Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 17th March 2017

Jessica Harmon in “The 100”

actress jessica harmon the 100

– Jessica Harmon plays one of the sexiest lesbian characters on “The 100” but it’s a cert that she’s tempting to both genders when it comes to having a thing for her compassionate character Nilyah.
– This season we get to see Clarke’s love for Nilyah deepens even as crisis looms with Arkadia descending into chaos. With “The 100” has been renewed for a 5th Season, we can’t wait for more romantic melodrama!
– While we’re wondering what’s it like to lock lips with the gorgeous Eliza Taylor, come April, we’ll get more helpings of the equally foxy Jessica Harmon as she’s guest-starring in the high-octane TV series “Taken”.

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Chloe Hurst in “A Few Less Men”

actress chloe hurst a few less men

– The elegant Australian Vixen Chloe Hurst definitely belongs in this Hot List of amazing talents and this actress/model/dancer already has us hooked on her magnetic qualities which are just heavenly on screen.
– She stars in “A Few Less Men”, a riot of an Australian comedy which sees her as the flirtatious Lisa who radiates a sexual vibe and introduces some saucy flavor into the lives of 3 leading men stuck in the desert.
– Audiences worldwide were treated to the enchantress that is Chloe who was in scenes with Angourie Rice in the 2016 hit action comedy “The Nice Guys” which had the teaming up of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

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Nadia Lanfranconi in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”

actress nadia lanfranconi criminal minds beyond borders

– She’s the Italian-born temptress who has been captivating us as a screen talent as well as a singer-songwriter and this week Nadia Lanfranconi makes a resplendent splash on the small screen.
– Don’t miss the luscious Nadia as Lia, the assistant of the creepy Hannibal Lecter-like painter Dr Scarpa (Paul Sorvino) who is a fingered as a suspect on the 2nd Season of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”.
– Her features are alluringly easy on the eyes as are her country-tinged vocals ensuring we’ll be addicted to Nadia for years to come especially with her being an emerging indie sweetheart in several upcoming features in 2017.

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Morgan Obenreder in “Double Mommy”

actress morgan obenreder double mommy

– Lifetime is certainly ramping up the drama quotient especially with its latest TV Movie “Double Mommy” which has Morgan Obenreder as the leading lady of what is a tale that’s full of twists and turns.
– Morgan plays Jess, a pregnant young mother of twins who discovers that they have 2 different fathers and 1 actually date raped her! Tensions mount as the malevolent dad to be has plans to get rid of her.
– A coveted sweetheart, she commendably beguiled plenty of hearts with her stirring performance in the sci-fi flick “Rz-9” as well as memorable guest-star roles on “Mr. Student Body President” and “NCIS”.

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