Elizabeth Pan

actress elizabeth pan the real o'neals

From the stage to the screen, the fetching Elizabeth Pan has garnered praises from all corners and she’s someone we would find adore-worthy with ease. She guest-stars on the finale of “The Real O’Neals” as Mrs. Adler-Wong, the mother of Allison (Ramona Young) who can’t reconcile with the fact that her daughter is a lesbian. Martha Plimpton’s Eileen O’Neal comes to Allison’s rescue and tries to show Mrs Adler-Wong the error of her ways. Yet again the debate over sexual orientation is so pertinent and “The Real O’Neals” tackles the issue in a more accepting way by taking a step back to look at our own belief systems rather than a divisive one of judging others. Elizabeth’s scene with Martha has to be one of the best moments on the show in a thought-provoking final episode of Season 2.

While her character might be viewed as a villain of sorts for admonishing her lesbian daughter on “The Real O’Neals”, Elizabeth did play one in the very moving film “Better Half” which is about a gay couple who is fighting the system to adopt an abandoned infant. As Heidi, the hospital administrator who tries to block their efforts, Elizabeth projected a commanding presence with bite. On TV, she has appeared on hits “How I Met Your Mother”, “Scandal” and “Stitchers”, one of my favorite shows where she lit up the screen as a big hearted nurse. On stage, she’s been lauded for her ability to construct her characters with a penetrative vulnerability.

actress elizabeth pan screen sweetheart

With her appeal stretching into the online realm having starred in the crazy web series “Yogaphiles” where she played an eccentric yoga studio owner, we do love her inviting ubiquity. She’s already a darling in our eyes.

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