Vancouver Web Fest 2017 Spotlight: Kate Mines

actress kate mines dropping the soap

The online world is a terrific medium to discover rising stars and the amiable Kate Mines is catching a wave of adoration on the web. She stars as Kit Knockers, a washed-up soap star in the new series “Dropping The Soap”, now streaming on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and Dekkoo. It is also premiering this year’s Vancouver Web Fest, Canada’s premier digital series event where we will be thoroughly entertained by Kate who is joined by comedy stalwarts Jane Lynch, Missi Pyle and many more. As Kit, Kate is a revelation as face of daytime serials who is a quite the wily actress despite having minimal acting abilities. With her show struggling to establish itself in a world where soap operas are increasingly less relevant, enter the new tough-as-nails executive producer Olivia Vanderstein, played by the eminent Jane Lynch to shake things up.

actress kate mines vancouver web fest

Tensions are already at a high with the rivalry between Kate’s Kit and Julian Draker (Paul Witten) to be the main attraction of the soap “Collided Lives” but the emergence of Olivia evolves into a soap opera within a soap opera histrionics. Kate deftly assumes her scheming mentality as Kit who is into the business of blackmail but even though she’s kind of a bad girl, her none too serious campy delivery ensures Kit has redeeming qualities viewers will love. This is a multi-dimensional villianess Susan Lucci would be proud of and Kate adds her own twist to the soap opera archetype with a fun vigor.

actress kate mines canadian vixen

While she’s a trailblazer on the web, Kate can also be seen in independent features as well as on television. She’s already appeared on “The Mindy Project” as well as “Grey’s Anatomy” and next up a supporting role on the 3rd Season of “American Crime”. The ebullient Kate is paving her way to affection across multiple mediums.

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