Sizzling Women To Adore @ Vancouver Web Fest 2017

Dre Davis in “Madame Hollywood”

actress dre davis madame hollywood

– In the psychological thriller “Madame Hollywood”. the amazingly gifted Dre Davis delivers her most compelling performance yet as Candice, a model who is seemingly swept up in the euphoric yet darkly tinged industry.
– We’ve already seen the sinister side of modeling in the surrealistic horror film “The Neon Demon” and Dre’s narcissistic redhead Candice in “Madame Hollywood” disturbingly reveals beauty can also be a bane.
– She’s a deserving nominee for Best Actress at this year’s Vancouver Web Fest. Many of us are hoping she returns as the enigmatic Sara Harvey possibly in flashback scenes on the final season of “Pretty Little Liars”.

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Sarah De Possesse & Lauren Orrell in “Starting From Now”

actress Sarah De Possesse starting from now
actress lauren Orrell starting from now

– We’ve long fallen in love with Sarah De Possesse and Lauren Orrell, the luscious Aussie stars of the LGBT web series “Starting From Now” which is nominated for Best Drama at this year’s Vancouver Web Fest.
– As the endearing Steph, viewers adoringly followed her tangled web of relationships that have seen her break more than a few hearts. Steph is a vision of complexity essayed beautifully by the talented Sarah De Possesse.
– Fans would certainly identify with the hurt Lauren’s character Kristen has gone through and it’s her sensitive portrayal that’s been a big draw. Lauren’s engaging portraits of soulful women are always fascinating.

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Hope Lauren in “Nasty Habits”

actress hope lauren nasty habits

– With Hope Lauren being a nominee for Best Actress at the latest edition of the Vancouver Web Fest, a wave of affection will be bestowed on her and her web series “Nasty Habits” which is on a stellar run at film festivals.
– “Nasty Habits” is a collection of vignettes that revolve around characters who are partaking in a bad habit for example smoking. It’s an addiction that Hope’s Lily shares with her sister in the segment “A Couple of Fuck-Ups”.
– She’s dazzled us as women with genuine heart in independent features and with her recent road trip dramedy “Different Flowers” getting a warm reception, Hope is on an intriguing run in the limelight.

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Samora Smallwood in “Teenagers”

actress samora smallwood teenagers

– The beautous Samora Smallwood came into captivating view when she appeared as the plucky police despatcher Roberta in the babysitter stalked by a psycho terror tale “Berkshire Country” a.k.a “Tormented”.
– Don’t miss her as Mrs Diaz, a teacher who has to handle delinquent students in the entertaining web series “Teenagers” which has been nominated for Best Drama at the 2017 Vancouver Web Fest.
– With her multi-ethnic heritage, Samora has the exotic glow that accentuates her many talents as a Film-maker, Makeup Artist, Producer and Screenwriter. She’s indeed a Canadian darling with a most lovable radiance.

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Kathryn Aboya in “Petrol”

actress kathryn aboya petrol

– With the thrilling “Petrol” being a nominee for Best Mystery at the momentous Vancuover Web Fest, the appealing Kathryn Aboya who is eye-catching in one of the segments should pique quite the avid interest.
– Kathryn plays Samira who immigrated from Afghanistan to settle in Canada with her family but tensions soon run high when she and her child are put into jeopardy after her husband accepts a treacherous driving mission.
– Noted for her fearless approach in characterizing the feminine narrative onscreen across a spectrum of genres. Look our for her as a woman beset by terrors of the mind in the psychological horror short “Nyctophilia”.

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