SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Carolina Ravassa

actress carolina ravassa overwatch sombra
actress carolina ravassa sxsw 2017 festival

The gala of SXSW ends on a high with the divine Caroline Ravassa, one of gaming’s most cherished voice actress taking center stage. She is gracing the Panel: BOOP! Women Online: Female Voices in Video Games which is a boon for gamers as they will get to interact with Carolina who voices the much adored Sombra, an Offense hero in “Overwatch”. Just like Sombra’s mantra “Everything can be hacked… and everyone.”, Carolina is the Colombian-born entertainer who has made a sassy impression on film, television, the web and gaming. An absolute charmer on screen and as a voice-over artist for Blizzard’s premier game title, the reception for her from the gaming community has been one of abundant exaltation. With tens of thousands of gamers have Sombra as their favorite or main character, Carolina’s popularity is soaring!

Check out her SXSW interview as she talks about the influence she’s having on the world as Sombra. Carolina is also notable for her flair for accent work having starred in the web series “Hispanglosaxon” where she tickles us pink in multiple languages. It’s a gleeful look at the experiences of being a ‘White’ Latina in New York as you can gather already that Carolina has those pale features that can inveigle the best of us in figuring out her ethnicity. Being ambiguous in the looks department does however allow Carolina to assume a myriad of roles and giving us more instances of her incandescent magnetism.

actress carolina ravassa sxsw 2017 festival

On television, audiences would have seen steam up the screen in the first season of “The Affair” opposite Dominic West. Her come-hither attractiveness does have the entrancing X-factor. She was also eye-catching in the much loved indie comedy “The Strike” which stars fellow comedienne Erin Fogel is available for viewing on all major online platforms. Already a dazzling entertainer, I would love to see Carolina play a live-action heroine and with there being an “X-men” TV series, she would be a vision of perfection as the telegenic version of mutant Empath Pyslocke. The similarity between the purplish tinged Sombra and Psylocke is almost uncanny! In the meantime, she’s grabbing all the headlines at SXSW.

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