Jennifer Jiles

actress jennifer jiles the waiting room

To be able to feature an Emmy award winning actress/writer such as the lovely Jennifer Jiles is a blessing and she’s as a graceful performer as she is a gracious person. She’s the star of 2 indie features of note namely “The Waiting Room” by multi-award winning writer/director Debra Markowitz (Intention Films and Media), which was shot in February, 2017 and “Mother Of The Week”. Jennifer has worked with stars such as Tim Conway, Tom Poston, Samantha Eggar, Judd Hirsch and Carl Reiner. Being a harried working Mom herself, it was easy for Ms. Jiles to come up with the idea for the multi-award winning comedic short film “Mother of the Week” (for which she is the 2 time BEST ACTRESS winner). The relatable lead character, Stacey, is a combination of herself and other working Moms she knows. Since Jiles had worked with Fred Stroppel for many years writing and performing sketch comedy in the NYC based group “Third Rail Comedy” (other members included: Rob Corrdry, Beth Glover, Billy Gillespie, Kevin Kash and Jennifer Perry), and Fred was now a father and married to his own “mother of the week”, she knew Fred was the perfect writer with whom to collaborate on the film and also the original series.

Here’s Jennifer giving us more insight into her role in “The Waiting Room” and her other feature “Mother Of The Week”:

I play Janet who is waiting for her husband to join her in purgatory then he shows up with his wife. It’s a moving and funny short film by Debra Markowitz. I am also the Executive Producer and Associate Casting Director. I spent the last 15 months in the film festival circuit with my other short film “Mother of the Week” about a working Mom trying to be everything to everybody (autobiographical!!!) where I won Best Actress twice and Breakout Performer in a Short Film. For this film, I played the lead actress, wrote the original story, co-wrote the screenplay with Fred Stroppel, co-produced it and cast it. We’ve been accepted into 12 festivals, won 8 awards and had 7 award nominations. Currently, we are shopping “Mother of the Week” as an original series along with another series co-written by myself and Fred Stroppel called “Curveballs” about the behind the scenes of a major league baseball TV show for kids (also autobiographical as I was the NY Mets Emmy Award-winning kids show host in the 90’s)

In addition to “Mother of the Week,” Jennifer again teamed up with Stroppel for “Curveballs” a genuine inside look into the wild, raunchy world behind the wholesome façade of a kids sports show, as she knows the territory well, having been herself the Emmy-winning host of “DYNAMETS!”, a kids show produced for the New York Mets. Jennifer has also written (and performed Off-Broadway and toured regionally) the critically-acclaimed one-woman show, “KICKING & SCREAMING, The Musical!,” about her life as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. “Only an Ex-Rockette can tell you what goes on behind the kickline.” With her having an endearing presence on the festival circuit, there’s no better time to forge our devotion for Ms. Jiles.

actress jennifer jiles indie darling

Currently, Jennifer is working on a few other writing projects including: the original series “Common Core”, another one of her relatable characters-driven half hour single camera comedy centering around the Middle School parents of a middle class small town– it’s “Friday Night Lights” meets “Desperate Housewives”; and the dramatic thriller “In Darkness” about racism and its daunting effects on one ordinary family. Being an avid fan of the show “Friday Night Lights” when I was first introduced to actresses Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki and Stacey Oristano (who is regularly featured on this blog), “Common Core” is definitely on my radar. Kudos to Jennifer for re-igniting this spot of nostalgia, a testament to her flair as a multi-faceted entertainer.

Do visit the Jennifer Jiles Official Site for all the latest updates.

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