Queens World Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women of Hotel

More than ever we’re seeing an enchanting bevy of women on the same feature both on the big and small screens which is such a visual feast. In the indie short film “Hotel”, we are presented with 4 wonderfully charismatic talents which includes Amanda Brooke Lerner, Katie Vincent, Julie Chapin and Pooya Mohseni. This delightful foursome are part of the humorous story of a man who has a twisted outlook on his existence and career until he experiences the brighter side of life at his company’s conference. He will of course encounter our lovely ladies who each will make an impression on him.

Amanda Brooke Lerner

actress amanda brooke lerner hotel

Amanda once praised me as big-hearted, magnanimous and bountiful which are actually those very traits that Amanda herself is endowed with. Her versatility that rouses our emotions showcases her dynamism as an actress which has seen Amanda gained effusive recognition for her immaculate work across many entertainment channels.

Katie Vincent

actress katie vincent hotel

A genuine indie darling, Katie has a predilection for the artistic finery of film which has seen her beguiling many a viewer. She’s a fixture on the festival circuit with a number of her films having praises sung about them. In addiction to acting, Katie is also a songwriter, screenwriter, producer and painter which are in themselves fetching qualities in a creative talent.

Julie Chapin

actress julie chapin hotel

Across various genres, Julie has proven to be a natural at representing women on multiple platforms. Her smile can most certainly light up our screens as she would also effortlessly do in the presence of others. Her many gifts as an actress has seen Julie take on roles that has showcased her authenticity be it on stage or screen. Indeed she has the mettle of a spunky performer.

Pooya Mohseni

actress pooya mohseni hotel

With her soulful disposition, Pooya has proven her credentials as a watchable face on both film and television. This Iranian-born actress has been wondrously representing the LGBT community with her noteworthy performances. She has also appeared in another film together with Katie Vincent, highlighting how blossoming talents are always in the vicinity of each other.

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